• Definitely! In terms of flat pack furniture, I have found IKEA to be by far the sturdiest. I would definitely recommend it. Of course, they have some rediculously cheap furniture, which isn't as sturdy as we may perhaps like but at £10 a bookcase, who is going to compain. If you are prepared to spend a little bit more you can build, and re-build the same piece of furniture (as I have when moving time and time again) and it will remain sturdy!
  • It is, almost 90% of our furniture is bought at ikea. Everything ranges from cheap (and sometimes real crap) to expensive (and very durable) however, the midrange is a good choice. For example, a coffeetable is only 17,95 (euros) and you can sit on it, move it, let something drop on it etc.. and it does not even scratch!

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