• Are you able to support your children? Plenty of people would rather not use babysitters or daycare but they do because their children need to eat.
  • Motherhood is an important job, but you won't be very effective unless you can provide for their needs. How will you do that without an outside job? I do not think you are lazy, but you may want to think about the consequences of your decision.
  • If you do not trust anyone, your children will also not trust anyone in the future. Do not forget you are now their rolemodel. At some point you got to have to let it go. I am a mother also and in the beginning I was very scared something would happen to my son, or that he would not get enough to eat. These thoughts are only natural but should not prevent you from getting a job or from bringing them somewhere. My son comes home alive everyday, so I know the person I bring him to can be trusted. There is a real difference between not trusting someone or not beinh able to let your children go. Besides, they really need to be in a different environment, play with other children, learn new things. They also have to get hurt sometimes. This way they learn to stand up for themselves. Learn their limits. This they can't with you there all the time.
  • gotta pay for them kids hon. Better find someone to trust.
  • i dont think you are lazy but I dont think that you or your children can survive in this day and time without you working. I am certain there is someone you can find who you can leave your children with. Honestly, with the economy the way it is, you need to work.
  • When I had my daughter I was scared to death to leave her with someone but I had to work. I had no choice. If you are welfare then you know they are going to require you to get a job or lose it. I will say that I understand you not trusting people but eventually you are going to have to trust someone with them. What if you get sick and go in the hospital? Those kids MUST be provided for. If you lose housing, utilities, etc than what? I am not telling you to trust everyone but you MUST trust someone. You cannot provide for them without working and when they grow up they will not see the value in working. They will also follow in your tracks. Show them you love them enough to provide good things for them and they will grow up knowing that you loved them enough to do that.
  • your not lazy and this is okay to do if your boyfriend's job(s) support you and your two children. however, most families now-a-days need two incomes just to support ONE kid!
  • Your boyfriends sister is just jelous cause she cant stay at home.... If your boyfriend can support you and your kids (or his kids too) and you 2 are happy with you staying home and him working... Then do it, its better for the children. Both parents dont need to work...if 1 can stay home and they can have a stable home...and pay their bills WONDERFUL! Sister is stupid.
  • Lots of things to think about in this. How do you support your children? If you had a job could you make more money than you would have to pay for child care? Do you spend an amount of time caring for your home and children that would be equivelent to working a job? Have you thought about doing work at home? Oh, and, most important, what business is it of hers?
  • I don't know whether you're lazy or not. But you do. If there is a reason you can't work, then fine. A single mother who has no college education is likely unable to support two small children. If your BF makes enough, then that's great! But it's unlikely. You need to find employment. +5
  • maybe you should for your kids.

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