• Pay, and then tell him that he owes you however much his food cost. +3
  • go to bathroom and then leave the place.
  • I would be so upset and offended because I would feel like he is trying to run game on me. I usually have some form of money on me, so I would pay, but I would be so bitchy towards him and he would pay me back one way or another.
  • Go to the bathroom and sneak out the back door. "He" can stay and wash the dishes by himself
  • Well, is it an honest mistake or someone trying to pull a fast one? I always allow one mistake, so I woudl pay and then suggest that the person make it up to me by buying the next meal... Then if the next meal doesn't get bought, I no longer attend meals with that person.
  • Send him home in a cab to get it.
  • If he said he was gonna pay for it outright earlier and clearly, and pulls that, I like Esteban's answer by going to the bathroom then just leaving him with the bill.
  • That happened once with an exboyfriend of mine. I just paid it -- no big deal, things like that happen sometimes. He made up for it after that by taking me out for a real nice steak dinner. If this happened more than once or twice though, I'd be a little leary of them.
  • well instinctively id throw my drink in his face and walk out, but my better sense knows that the meal will ultimately come out of the waitress/waiters id pay and leave an enormous tip and embarrass the fu%$ out of him in the restaurant, men dont ever forget their wallet.
  • Say I didn't bring any money either.
  • Pay it, of course, and say nothing of it. I think whoever invited me should pay, since it was their invite, but do not take it as a given, whether he forgot his wallet or not. Money should not be an issue between friends. What's mine is yours.
  • Yeah that happen to me once, i went out on a date and half way thur dinner he told me damn i forgot my wallet mind you he order a pretty expensive meal, i said right!!!!! i paid and we left he called me the next day wanting to know if i would like to go out again, i told him why don't you forget my number like you forgot your wallet and hung up.
  • This is such a "faux pas" that I wouldn't even know where to begin with my answer! I'd PROBABLY say, "I did't bring MINE. . . .either!", because the TRUTH IS. . . . .I generally DON'T! Now what?
  • If he'd said he'd pay, tell him to "start washing dishes."   If we'd agreed to "go dutch," I'd send him his half of the bill. ':)   (Truly, don't think I could ever do that to a guy, even a real 'slouch'; I'd probably pay for the whole thing. But if he did it AGAIN, well, "Go back to line #1 and proceed with extreme caution.")
  • If he looked seriouse and for it, and tell him next time its on him... If he looks like a cheap skate, or a liar...Get up, pay for mine...and then walk out and tell him to split the bill.
  • Things like this may happen any time any where. I would be fine. I just would say "Don't worry! Give me the pleasure to buy dinner tonight." I hope it is not too expensive!
  • id freak out if i forgot my wallet on a date, id start washing dishes feeling ashamed. if she did pay for it, the next day id make it up x2.

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