• If they won't tell you why,there is a good chance that they are playing mind-games with you.*+++++*
  • Haha. This has JUST recently happened to me. I don't sweat it. Wasn't a good friend in the first place.
  • Ooooh that is so incredibly irritating and childish to me. Ya know what, it's their problem, since they aren't sharing with you so let it stay their problem. Let it go, that's what I've learned to do. You have to or it makes you crazy.
  • Ignore them. If they won't communicate why they are angry, it's not possible for me to do anything about it. I'll just wait for them to grow up.
  • I would probably just ignore them unless it became so obvious they were just doing it for "attention". Then I would say we needed to discuss what was bothering them so we can "move on"!
  • I cry so they feel bad and tell me. ;) +3
  • They probably figure you already know and you won't own up to it, so there's nothing more to say. If they are just trying to milk the guilt issue, then ignore them back. Not worth the trouble with that kind of person. They should know we are all human and make mistakes. Time to move on and try and make amends with each other. If they won't play, then the heck with them.
  • I am not a mindreader. I don't play games. If someone is very angry and refuses to say why then I don't care any more. That is totally unfair/mean/self-centered and I move on from such people. I have encountered them in the past and I have dumped them. :) Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • Ignore them, or tell the to screw off. I'm not taking anyone's bullshit, if it were a friend, he'd be a ex-friend.
  • ignore them
  • just ignore them. if they dont have anytthing else better to do than play mind games with you, then forget about them. its not important.
  • buy gifts immediatley
  • I would let them have time to cool off, then ask again later, if they refuse to answer later, than I feel I have done my part, and move on, I dont see the point in chasing a person, if they want to talk to you they will.
  • Ignore them. At work - they are no longer in the friend category and I'll do the work only, no pleasantries. Next door neighbor, who is currently angry (and who knows why?) -- ignore her and she eventually is nice again with a new boyfriend. I don't trust her at all. Close friends - I say it won't happen again because I can't deal with it. Close man - we have to talk and he needs to grow up because I don't do mind games. My birth family -- someone is always upset at something, so I wait it out.
  • If they were important to me I would spend some time examining our interactions to see if I can figure out why they are upset. This would also allow them to cool off abit as well. If they were a minor acquaintance who was prone to hysteria and frequently dramatic then I might just walk away.
  • Walk away! :-/
  • Give a little space. Then come back and say, "I care about you. I don't know what happened. If we can't communicate this is not going anywhere. I really don't want to hurt you. I don't think you want to hurt me. Let's talk about what it is. When I am wrong, I say I am wrong. Let's move forward"
  • Wrestle them to the ground and start tickling them.
  • give them time and space. the will talk when they are ready.

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