• Try running the printer through a few cleaning cycles. When you get new cartridges and a new ink holder it takes a little bit of time for the ink to get primed back into the system again. Depending on the age the how much the printer has been used, it could very well be possible that the waste tanks are full. When the printer goes through its normal cleaning and maintenence process, excess ink gets aborbed by the waste tanks. Once full the printer is useless regardless of how much ink you put in it.
  • For about fourty dollars a reconditioned printer can be purchased at a computer fair. Tri State Fairs , which can be searched out in, brings you to a website which lists what part of town the next fair is in. The printer I bought (for about fourty dollars) is a canon S 330 . No , this doesn't fix the BJC-2110, but buying a new one saves a lot of time and aggravation. Besides,the Canon S 330 is a lot faster than the BJC 2110 . I do however,have my own thoughts about all this.I suspect that a virus somehow affects a change in how the driver communicates with the printer. I say this because I also have a BJC 2110 which prints out blurred pictures and text messages turn out colored ribbons on the paper . This theory of mine will remain a theory as my lack of patience prevents any further speculation !

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