• depends how big they are
  • Confront them, of course.
  • due to the fact that my childhood was hell because of my older sister, i've learned to ignore just about anything anyone throws at me and stay calm during a discussion (for the most part).
  • i should walk away, but i confront.
  • In public, I'd walk away unless they care to "assault" me further. Otherwise I just tell them to quiet themselves in an aggrivated tone.
  • I am kind of big to be insulting too much,but I normally roll with it.
  • The smarter choice is to walk away. I like to believe that I always make smart choices yet there have been times when standing your ground and walking away is not an option. . In the Army when CO is blasting your ass with words that make you feel like your about 2 inches tall walking away is not an option, keeping your mouth shut, showing no emotion is the smart choice, cause no matter what the CO is gonna have the last word. . On the streets and in my profession, verbal insults are thrown at you in all directions.....again its more about how you carry yourself in this time of negative vocal outbrust that is the smart choice, not walking away but controling the situation can be done just by the manner inwhich you look at someone. . Now when I am off duty, on my time, with my lets say my kids with me. So person slings an insult in my direction for no reason.......again walking away is the smart choice due to the fact that there are nuts in the world and I wish to teach my children by example. . Now if alone and randomly insults are directed to me...with my feet planted firm on the ground get set, cause I am not backing down and I assure you I will have the last say......walking away in this situation may be the smarter choice but I reserve the right every now and again to act in a manner inwhich I am being treated.....When an ignorant person rears their head I will be rude right back to you! I wish you will.
  • i might give them a tongue thrashing - depends who - but if they really want to insult me I will most likely put them in their place
  • Walk away. I have a very long fuse.
  • Depending on how alert I am that day, I will usually come up with a snappy yet witty comeback.
  • Smart choice is walking away - it really frustrates someone who is trying to start something to be ignored. But depends on my mood and who's insulting me. If it's a crazy or random person of course I'd ignore them. I confront insults when I'm in a bad mood and when the situation may be someone I'm dealing with that is acting silly for no reason.
  • If they verbally insult me to my face, I usually walk away, as they are looking to start a fight. If they verbally insult me behind my back and I find out, I will usually go confront them as they are to cowardly to say it to my face.
  • confront them
  • Depends on the person. If I think they are the violent type, I ignore them. Otherwise, I confront them and that usually puts an end to their attitude/behaviour.
  • Verbally you say? Most of time I don't even notice and more often I don't even care. Confront them you ask, to what end? Why to I care? These are just the kind of nuts that may have a gun and maybe, just maybe know which way to point it and pull the trigger. Everyone defines smart their own way - whatever works for you. +5
  • Depends on my mood mostly. Sometimes I insult right back. Other times I walk away and ignore.
  • Oh, I annoy them. I either ignore them or give them a blank look. If they continue, I give them a BIG smile, then turn away and pretend they aren't there, drives most people crazy.
  • I generally get really quiet and just don't say anything. If it really bothers me, maybe I'll go to the person later and confront them , when we are both under control.
  • Id say ya? your anothern!!!
  • i agree with lazerus1500.
  • You repeat the following sentence: "Your mum is a (insert their insult here)" Works 60% of the time, every time.
  • If you abuse back, you will be dragging yourself into that person's level. So i like to keep quiet and take my time to think it over. May respond at a later time if requires. Several things in this world can be ignored for a better life.
  • Depends on who they are ... if it were a total stranger, I would probably just ignore them. If it were someone I cared about, I would want to find out what the problem was so we could resolve it.
  • It's very simple and it goes like this, verbal insult me and I will verbally insult u back.
  • clever whit and sarcasm to make them angry and look stupid, if this fails I kick them in the nuts :D
  • Depends on the situation... If its some randomer giving me shit I'll flip them off and keep walking because they're not worth the effort... But if its someone in work or someone I have to deal with regularly then yes I will confront them and let them know that its not acceptable to talk to me like that.

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