• Publicity of the poor and oppressed is always huge. The poor and oppressed are forced to commit more crimes by lack of education and environment for starters. People who acknowledge this are not called racists. Dumb dumbs who think its because people are black are racists.
  • They've got an overblown sense of persecution. It's the excuse personality that allows them to burn their own neighborhoods when someone gets justice. Is it any wonder why so many of them convert to Islam? Same attitude, different premise.
  • why? because they had no Father to teach and guide them....on how to be MEN.....and neither did those Men, once boys.... poor has nothing to do with why people are criminals......i know many poor kids that are not criminals..... fatherless and gangs....thats WHY....and the other reason is they have SELFISH,JEALOUS, INTIMIDATING, MOTHERS...........who made and KEPT them FATHERLESS...
  • I can't comment on the unique case of America, but I will say this as a general observation - First of all, crime statistics are some of the most useless statistics known to man. They mean absolutely nothing other than the fact that, depending on the method of retrieving these statistics, proportionally more black people are convicted of crime than white people. It doesn't mean that black people commit more crime, of course. Although I think there really is a link really between education, income, and crime. I guess black people in America are maybe statistically more likely to have less education and a lower income (vicious circle) than white people, which results in crime. Would that be true of the US? Equality of opportunity, and increasing standards and education for the poorer communities in the US may possibly turn this situation around one day. Possibly. In answer to your second question - people are so overly PC in that way, it drives me insane. Just some thoughts, like I said - I am not qualified to talk about the US and black crime really.
  • Its called institutionalized racisim. The kinds of crime that whites tend to do (due to socioeconomic status) end up with fines and probation. The type of crime blacks tend to do generally lead to jail/prison time. When in prison, not only do the prisoners learn how to be better criminals, but they also loose all stakes they had in conformity. This leads to higher levels of recidivism.
  • by black crime, i'm not sure if you mean the percentage of blacks who are victims or perpetrators. either way this is a complex issue that can appear deceptively simple to the uninformed. for instance, do black americans really commit more crime or are they just more likely to be found guilty when tried for crime? do white americans go unpunished more frequently than people of other races? are black americans more likely to be arrested than white americans? are black americans more likely to receive tougher punishment than white americans(longer sentences) as a result of a guilty conviction? are black americans more frequently the victims of because of discrimination in the area of housing and policing of their neighborhoods? why are there primarily black neighborhoods in new orleans that have yet to be cleaned up from hurricane Katrina, Four Years Later?! is this an indication that black americans are seen as less valuable or worthy of our government's help and attention? here is a link that could help anyone willing to read it answer some of these questions for themselves.
  • because its been the longest
  • Unfortunately they've bought into the wait for someone else to help you crap that their leaders have been telling them. If you take that along with welfare and resentment over stuff that happened generations ago you have what we see today. If only they would listen to what Bill Cosby is trying to explain to them.
  • At this point I see it as a healing process, just look at Africa it's still a shit hole and as far as here I am from here and do not care what logical fallacy is used by the quote minority anymore if they are not people they do not deserve to exist.
  • Black crime just seems higher because the media purposely gives them most of the attention.
  • It pisses me of when black people say this is racist because it's a fact and there's tons of evidence to back it up. Blacks have all this lousy gang culture and go shooting places up, they do drive bye's, commit more burglaries,robberies deal more drugs and they do all this in the name of respect from fellow gang members. Oh and lets not forget that blacks are top of the list when it comes to rape, especially gang rape. It makes me wonder that there may be some truth that man evolved from apes, only it wasn't white people, it was blacks. Now I know some people are gonna see this and cry the racist card but you know what? I don't care, I have the right to my opinion and my opinion is backed up by facts, facts that can be found on the news every single day.
  • i'm black and i agree with the statement made and I don't think its racist at all. But some of these other comments like black people being apes......ummmm thats racist.
  • Black people commit more crimes per person than other races in America. This is a fact. . Other black people are almost always the victims of those crimes, also a fact. . I suspect there are two reasons why people who speak of these facts are called racists: 1) someone wants to shut them up, 2) the speaker really IS racist and mentions the facts to back up a truly racist assertion. . BTW, I read somewhere that the disparity between black and white crime rates almost completely disappears when you control for children of single-parent homes.

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