• there is nothing more fragile that i can think of. everyone says time heals all wounds but im starting to believe that's not true. it's always going to be there and the pain won't let you ever forget. the best thing to do is to accept what happened and try to move on, however painful that may be. best of luck!
  • With God, all wounds can heal. There is still a memory, but the wound will finally be treated if we go to God. He will put a heavy duty band-aid on it. Love takes risks, and getting hurt is what happens. :(
  • I think there's a line there somewhere...For some people, it's their ego that gets hurt more then their heart. Others can't let go. But no matter what, if you handle it right, you come out wiser and stronger. The people who don't let it go, well they usually come out jaded and or insecure. +4
  • The heart is like the body. Some injuries heal, and all you are left with is a scar--perhaps a bad memory you recall from time to time or a nightmare that recurs every now and then. A few coalesce over time. A mother who mocks her son every day. A friend who regularly insinuates that you are inferior. A period of life spent without friends in a desert of loneliness. Slowly it eats away, like sand eroding a mountain. Other injuries cripple and maim. They strike immediately and with great force, doing more damage in a moment than a lifetime of smaller cuts and bruises. If you have serious heart damage, a good counselor may help. But sometimes we must live with our injuries.
  • Mind is the most fragile of all mechanisms. By 'heart' you must mean the mind. Once broken it would be tough to bring it back to normal. But we could take heart in the fact that the mind also possesses a helf healing mechanism. Same as fractured bones mend themselves the mind too mends itself.
  • I believe one never gets over it, one just get used to it.
  • The pain lessens over time, but you are left with the "battle wound" and a reminder that periodically jumps up and bites you on the a$$. It can also sometimes hinder new relationships and make it more difficult to trust others with your heart.
  • Depends on how deep the relationship was. I have had my heart broken by people I can't even remember their name! (looong time ago) But for other, much deeper relationships, it might take much longer. It also depends on the way it was broken, and on your own personality to deal with it. My father broke my mothers heart 40 years ago and it has never healed.
  • If we are talking about the death of your child, you never heal. Anything else can be overcome if you want to move forward. :)
  • The heart is the strongest organ imaginable. If you think it weak, you are taking it's power away, but the choice is in your mind, an even more powerful tool.
  • I agree. A truly broken heart never heals, unless it is replaced with something so much more spectacular that the original break means nothing. I thought I had a broken heart twice in my 20s and I did. Both crushed my heart for about 6 months each and I started to feel less pain and healed completely. Same happened later on, but my head took over--he had PROBLEMS. Then there was this man of the best character and spirituality I ever knew. We had to part because of circumstances out of our control. 20 years and not healed. I did move on. But if I think of him, I hurt as much as then. Death of loved ones can never be healed. My heart has scars and open wounds. +3
  • There's always a scar where it was broken. I can still remember my first love and how his parents broke us up for his own good so he would go to law school. Instead he got his next girlfriend pregnant and that was his life. Even though I'm sure it would not have worked out, a little scar is still there from the broken heart.

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