• YES!!!!!!!
  • i don't like facebook.
  • Yes it does
  • Websites don't destroy relationships. People do.
  • I believe it has some what to do with the website, but only that person can control there doing's
  • Nope. It just broadcasts every bad decision to everyone you know. And everyone you don't.
  • Only if you are an idiot who can't adapt to the digital age. Different media have different rules. You do not communicate the same way via telephone as you do with a written letter or on a bulletin board, right? I have many old friends that I had fallen out of touch with. With Facebook I actually reconnected with them. In many cases it would have been awkward to call them up out of the blue to try to interrupt with busy lives with a personal conversation. But with Facebook we could check in on each other and get reacquainted at our own pace. For instance, my relationship with my college girlfriend ended acrimoniously. It would not have been comfortable to call each other up, after this many years. But we had some common friends on Facebook and we started leaving harmless comments for each other and then emails and now we talk all the time. She's become a close friend. But if you are a petty or insecure person then yes, Facebook, like most computer applications, can help you screw things up faster than you could do it manually.
  • Yes, and families. Facebook is the plague and should be avoided as such.
  • Of course not. I have no time for face book or any social net working site but they can not do anything. It is the people in the relationship that destroy the relationship.
  • no, it shouldn't. Unless the couple is obsessed with Facebook..
  • Never been on face book.
  • Uh, no. If you over use it and it becomes more important than your relationship then possibly.
  • I know a lot of people say it doesn't that it's the people etc. But the problem with FB is that it can be addictive and it can lead to unnecessary problems which can result in potential disunity and loss of relationships.
  • I think it builds relationships
  • No, don't listen to the catholics lol. It only destroys relationships if you're some dumb teen who lives off of facebook.
  • I'm sure it can like so many other things can.
  • Not if you don't have any. ahahhaha
  • Not destroy, but I admit I have gotten angry at my boyfriend for not putting "In A Relationship" on FB and saying he liked women with blue eyes and black hair on MySpace. He did write that part before we were dating though... why do I have to be so sensitive sometimes? Ugh!
  • Less so than Cheating. More so than not taking out the trash when they ask you to.
  • Facebook can be a great way to reconnect with people. My sister has found a lot of people from her high school that she was able to get in touch with again. However, bad things can come from Facebook. It all depends on how you use it. People seem to forget that ANYTHING you put online is no longer private. So any posts or pictures you make on Facebook should be made with the understanding that anyone could end up seeing it. Even with privacy settings, a friend of a friend could end up seeing something you didn't want him/her to see. So as with any website where you post personal information: use at your own risk!
  • Can't rememeber the name of the song but it went "guns don't kill people, rappers do" I think Facebook and most other casual networking sites are life wasters and people get hooked onto them rather than use them for what they are.

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