• I never give out info like that online. Even on my email address it only has my first name. I will give out my state on occasion but nothing other than that on AB or online. Too many sick people out there.
  • yea i never give out that stuff to any one online but if someone wants to stalk me i will hunt them down and kick there ass
  • I don't give out that private stuff, but you could clearly tell who I am by putting together all my answers if you knew me.
  • I only give general information about myself, where I live, and never report what I'm doing in real time to where a person could track where I am.
  • NO NO and NO ... I don't mind my photo and that is really me .... BUT; my address etc is PERSONAL and NO ONE gets that info ... I'm NOT worried about stalkers ; IF they are stalking ME .. then they best be worried about ME .. IF I catch them.
  • I give my first name and city where I live but I don't give out my street name or the names of anyone in my family.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I have relatives on this site, Lady Lavender. One of my nieces was particularly well-known on the old AB. We both joined in 2011. :)
  • i think im pretty private
  • I am very private. No names, no photos, no location.
  • I have photographs but that is it. Only my close friends know my first name. No I am not afraid of Stalkers.
  • Pretty private. I don't give out my real name on here, only to select people. The same w/any pics of me. I'm not worried about stalkers, but it is best to be careful. +5
  • I don't give any really personal information nor would I ask any personal questions or give any responses of a really personal nature here. I do, however, have my real picture up and have stated very vaguely my general area. I don't trust anyone on a public format like this but if anyone really wanted to stalk me, I guess they could come get shot, if they wanted to. >;) lol
  • All that is on my profile...not my last name, but my home town and what not. No, I'm not worried about stalkers or anything like that. +4
  • I have given my first name and the state I live in. I do have real pictures of me too. But only ONE person knows my mailing address and she has sent me snail mail! She is a GREAT and TRUSTWORTHY friend! Never hurts to be cautious but I'm not too worried about stalkers. +5
    • Bootsiebaby
      Hi NUNYA! Nice to see you again. How are you, my friend? :)
  • Well, i'm a newbie so i'm only just starting out. But i am an overly cautious person (thanks to being stalked before), so i am very careful about such things. Even before though, i'd never give out such private information, like you mentioned. That would be just asking for trouble!
  • No info at all
  • Real photo. First name. State I live in. That's it.
  • Name,yes. Location,only in generalization. Photo,They won't load Stalkers,good luck to them if they want to stalk a 43 year old 225lb male.
  • I try to stay pretty private on here. For a couple of reasons. First and foremost is safety and second is to maintain the reputation I have built irl. I tend to let my wild side rule on here and people who know me irl would be shocked by some of the stuff I've written. I'm not like that at all. lol! So I don't give out my real name, state (I have given region and time zone in some of my answers), or too much else. No family member's names, etc... I'm sure I've let out more than what I think because like you said, sometimes it is so easy to let things slip. Too bad about your stalker. I once had a guy follow me when I was quite young and that was just one evening but it really scared me. And I did the dumbest thing ever. Went home because I wanted my dh and safety. Should have driven to the police station and reported it. He wouldn't have followed me there. I think we tell ourselves we are not people of interest, who would want to stalk us, but there's no accounting for the thought processes of some people.
  • Pretty private. I've tried putting my picture on here before and just got attention I didn't want, so I don't post them anymore. I've never revealed my real name on here, although I've revealed it to a select few people on here who I happen to trust. It's no secret that I'm Canadian. I don't mind sharing that. I've also given away the city and province I live in in the past. Am I worried about stalkers? I just value my privacy. I want to be as honest as possible on here, and it may be hard to do that if I give away too much about my actual identity. I also don't exactly want people who 'might' know me personally to know that I'm here unless I tell them.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Nice to see you again, AG. :)
  • I have given out my first name and the state I live in before. NEVER any photos. Other than that, I'm pretty careful.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Hi Trident! Long time no see! How are you, my friend? :)
  • Lots of people on here know my real name. I haven't revealed my actual address but I have told plenty of people I live in Manchester. I never post photos of myself, only boots like the ones I have myself. I get the boots pictures from online footwear catalogues, so the picture in my avatar is not me wearing boots, it's a model wearing a pair of boots like the ones I wear. I'm not scared of stalkers, if I meet them in real life I'll just kick them with my platform boots. That should stop their stalking. Lol:)
  • I would not divulge my last name, my telephone, address, or the town I live in. For my and my husband's protection. But I do often get pretty personal in what I discuss - personal information and my experience. When we used to be able to chat privately I would tell my name and sometimes more. But otherwise I feel more protected by my relative anonymity.

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