• 1.Because they are men who obviously don't think they can "reel in" a wife on their own. (probably small penis, emotional issues, or knows that he will mistreat her) 2. I think that they are lame. Really, come on now? Pay for a wife? That's like hiring a prostitute to live with you.
  • I see nothing wrong with it. Some people just are not romantic or geared for the whole courtship thing. As long as it is legal nd legitimate and both parties end up happy... Who cares? Most of these women come from conditions you would not imagine! Whatever they get in leiu of some happiness... is worth the situation People have been living in arranged marriages for centuries. It's no big deal.
  • well if that works for them good for them :)
  • I think it is interesting. I can appreciate not wanting an "american girl" with all her liberated thinking. A mail-order bride might be more loving, submissive, and more pleasing. Women of other cultures might be less likely to say, "not tonight, dear." Plus, women in other countries might have a better work ethic.
  • It's not a well-written, scientific, or sound article. It looks like they got paid by the word and for how quickly they could spit out the page based on intuition rather than any experience whatsoever. Not even a single human being with actual experience is quoted in it. Men who do this are failures at their own culture, and have to "buy" women from other cultures who don't realize what losers they are. It takes a few years - about as long as it takes to get the citizenship and green card - of socialization and acculturation before the woman suddenly realizes what a first-class dork she has married and bails out. The only solution is to stay in their culture (I am assuming it is more repressive than ours). If she loves you there then it really is love despite the price tag. You will be the loveable American dork in a foreign land, but you will be HER dork.
  • Many men (NOT ALL) who utilize mail order bride services expect to essentially have a legal-slave in their new "wife". These men feel entitled because of their short-comings; via mail order bride they (believe that they) can recapture their lost glory-years with the ultimate trophy wife. These men expect their wives to cook, clean, take care of their every whim, and provide sexual services. It's all very shady to me.
  • I think they are really lonely and desperate. My uncle's friend had a mail order bride, he had money so he order's her they were together for a yr they had a kid they stayed married for 5yrs and then she cleaned him out took his money his house and even his dog.
  • The women who are being sold already know that what are they going to do so no bad thing in it! It may suit some men while some hate it!
  • I believe that men who BUY wives are not buying for love or affection ; BUT rather buying a housekeeper and a sex object ...
  • Now I am not a supporter for mail order brides, but I think the reason people do it is because it is so hard to find someone to date and marry. Almost 50% of males will never marry, and most of them not by choice, and its the one thing you can't really "buy", so the opportunity to actually do so is a method where one is completely in control, and don't have to be alone their entire life.
  • Very Interesting article, answers and comments here so far. After my careful review of the website I think I'll take one in each category! lol Sorry I couldn't resist! +5
  • Perhaps he is socially inept to the extent that he cannot go out and meet someone. I don't think it's really like buying a car. Dating can be expensive no matter where you find your mate.
  • I see it as an extension of the arranged marriage traditions in many parts of the world. Also, it's a modern form of meeting people now (I'm speaking of the use of the internet to facilitate meetings). Many people have an online relationship prior to meeting/dating and some even marry. In fact, from what little I've read about such services, it's encouraged that the two people communicate as part of the decision making process. People in the military have historically had a higher than average percentage of marriages to other nationalities. Mail order brides are just another way of meeting people. As long as the service is LEGITIMATE, I see no problems. I don't think it's quite so simple as 'men who can't otherwise find a woman simply picking from a Sears & Roebuck catalog'.
  • The same kinda guy who buys "love" from a prostitute. Not anyone I'd be interested in knowing! :)If they need to "buy it" something is lacking.
  • Hey, marrage these days comes with no guarrantees. If someone wants to try it, why not/ Its their life + 5
  • Both are getting something they need. In the end, I think it is the men who are more likely to be the victims in the long-run, even though they are often men we might normally think of as 'losers'. They may be older men who have given up hope of attracting a younger, attractive woman. Yes, it may be creepy that they want to buy the woman as a package over the internet, like you can buy love, and maybe they are lacking a little something mentally and emotionally in that respect... but I think a lot believe that the woman will grow to love them, and if not that then they will be grateful and therefore be good to them. I watched a documentary that followed several Americans and Britons looking for Russian brides over a period of a couple of years. The women were hard - they had lived a hard life - and were approaching it in a mercenary way, while the men came across as strangely vulnerable, because maybe their hopes and dreams about the marriages were odd, but they did have them. One Russian girl was seeing several men at once. She went to live with a man in the UK - old enough to be her father if not more - and was very disillusioned. She left him, and maybe she was disappointed in life in Britain and found what she had to do physically distasteful, but she left the man absolutely heartbroken.
  • the men are shy and have the cash. why not. maybe there is trade in value for the second one.

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