• Nobody's Perfect.*+++++*
  • The second one. Because the saying is Practice makes Perfect. Not Practice makes a man perfect.
  • Nobody is perfect, if we were what a great world we would live in
  • In the material world both the thoughts are correct since we can use them on different occasions.But in the spiritual realm we can say "Everyones perfect" and the other can be changed to "Nothingness makes a Being Perfect"
  • No one is perfect.
  • Practice all you want, You still wont be perfect because, "Nobody is Perfect"
  • It's not "Practice makes a man perfect" It's "practice makes perfect" And describes a skill - NOT a person. So there really is not comparing these 2 phrases, they DON'T contradict each other as they aren't talking about the same thing.
  • Nobody is perfect otherwise we would have been living in a more peaceful world. But, this doesn't mean that one shouldn't even try. Instead perfection must be our target, one question comes in mind, HOW, to use the resources one have in present because we have no power over past and no one knows about future only can predict different instances of future.
  • Nobody is perfect.
  • The original quote was practice makes perfect but we see the flaw easily. We practice something such as learning keyboard to play it better. A student is only as good as his or her teacher so you had better hope for the best. We are just a speck in this universe.
  • It's actually nobody is perfect all they can do is practice....LOL.
  • both when you are teaching your kids patients,its practice makes a man perfect but when you are defending your actions its nobodys perfect
  • I have heard the first one described as: ...polishing a brick to make a mirror. And the second one as: " You are all perfect just as you are, and you all could use a little work." (Both are little Zen sayings) Or is it the other way around????
  • i think practice helps us in our goal to perfection and knowing we can never really be perfect is the inspiration to keep trying.
  • The saying is not practice makes a man perfect, first of all. Practice makes perfect means to perfect an action. There is no man in there. Just because you can perfect an action does not make you perfect, so there is no contradiction in terms. Nobody's perfect, that's a fact.
  • Either one in principle can be right - but in actuality "PMAMP" is seldom true, and "NIP" is the rule.
  • A. Perfect is a matter of opinion. B. Nobody is perfect. C. Remember, the harder you try, the dumber you look.
  • nobody is perfect.... no matter how hard they try even after years and years of practice. they still will not and cannot be perfect..
  • Nobody can ever be perfect, but a specific skill if practiced enough can become perfected.
  • Both are wrong. Any reference of "perfect" is relative. There is an innate perfection to the forces that come into and out of being. (human and otherwise)With absolutely no investment to a standard unconditional perfection is ongoing expression of presence. This includes any perceptions of imperfection.
  • Perfect practice prevents piss-poor performance.
  • My initial answer has been repeated here several times. I'm glad I took the time to read them. It gave me much to consider. My conclusion is we were perfectly created with divine imperfections to overcome in order to keep us humble, develop our character, and grow empathy for others.
    • Roaring
      I like how clearly you have said it. Yes.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you.
  • It all depends on the sense in which the two phrases are used.

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