• Hellfires are great.
  • That is just silly. To have eternal hellfire you need somebody to pay the fuel bill. Ateists dont have anyone like that.
  • It doesn't effect me one way or another..I do chuckle at it though from time to time. I say: Prove it.
  • It looks like a thinly disguised attempt to start an argument about Christian beliefs, such as "if you do not accept Jesus, you will burn in Hell." It is my nature to avoid such discussions and to limit my responses to those who are seeking Christian counseling sincerely, with hope in their heart.
  • I don't understand it?
  • Atheists don't have a hell fire or even a place for making ice-cream. We won't even try to make you feel silly for believing in the supernatural. Its just a trip into a different dimension. Whoever said that musta been just kiddin'.
  • It's kind of funny...I always wonder why the faithful are so concerned with atheists...I'm not trying to talk people out of their religion so I wish people would stop trying to talk me into their faiths.
  • a little worried about my christian/scientologist/islamd soul.
  • It made me laugh. One doesn't usually see the terms "atheist" and "hellfire" in the same sentence unless it's the atheist being damned to it. :-)
  • Did atheists finally organize and build hell?
  • Well at least we won't be in the holy roller hell fire so the screams of pain will be more interesting than the ones whining "What did I do wrong Mr Devil man?"
  • Like rolling on the floor laughing my fucking Atheist ass off
  • Atheist hell fire ? what is that ?
  • Makes me want to go back to the atheist lack of church, and not pray to not god.
  • I'm scared now, I need to be a more devout atheist then. :)
  • It is ridiculous nonsense, because atheists don't believe in hell.
  • That's ridiculous. Nobody's going to burn in hell fire. Die without hope, sure. Burn forever in hell, no.
  • Well if it were true then I should think that would be a very important warning for all believers. And I think any athiest who loves his fellow man would go and warn those believers of the impending dissaster their life style is leading them to. - But since you yourself call the statement ignorant I certainly can't take it seriouse at all. - So then how does it make me feel? Well doesn't scare me, though I do believe in God, because it doesn't seem plausible. It doesn't amuse me, though the concept is ironic, because of the angry undertones. It doesn't offend me, though it almost seems as though offense is intended to show Christians how what they say may offend an athiest. It doesn't evoke any sympathy, though I can imagine your frustration with the reverse statement, because if you truly believe the Christian is wrong then you never were in fear of Hellfire. How it makes me feel I guess is just a little bit blah...
  • nothing. any true atheist would not beleive in hell , so.. no biggy .. i may feel a bit sorry for the person saying it and showing their limited intel though ;-)
  • Pretty dern good actually.. we should use it as OUR hook to collect money and start running our own 24-7 global TV network. We can then have tele-atheists with plastic hair with wives with 23 pounds of make up on their faces that runs every time they cry crocodile tears! Forgive me...I didn't sin.. boohoo!

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