• What are our choices? It is often something else -such is the nature of the beast. +5
  • You might consider narrowing your question down a bit!
  • To have hard sex with her.
  • geesh...ok, Im gonna be the one who says I want more than just "hard sex." I want her to be dedicated to her family AND her career. Intellectual and charming, witty, takes care of herself, has self respect and respect for others, good values, humanity. If you have all this.....the sex and loyalty coem naturally.
  • companionship, sex, comfort, appreciation and also the satisfaction of our desire to dominate.but not to dominate in a stupid way or something.sexual domination. lets' know that we give you great sexual satisfaction! +4
  • Sex, silence, and food. ^^b As well as companionship, loyalty etc etc lol.
  • More quiet, less nagging and bitching!!!!
  • When either of the sexes is able to answer that question honestly. We will have no further use for one another. Our attraction and desire is rooted in the attempts at figuring that out. That is why when a man get's a good woman. He leaves her for a bitch. and Vice versa.
  • to cook and clean for them.. and throw in a few nights of sex (please allow for the BJ's)
  • Sex, support(I don't mean money), companionship without smothering, a little bit of understanding, more sex, love, friendship, sensuality, more sex, encouragement, belief in your abilities, maternal skills, a lil' submission, good conversation, and more sex. oh, and a sandwich.
  • companionship, love, care , sex and baby! lol
  • Aside from really picky men (stay away from them) they want a woman who is real, a woman who is confident and down to earth. A woman who is NOT uptight but easy going!! Looks are a plus but not really the most important.

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