• I guess my civil war swords are "equipment" of a sort - battlefield tools. I have mechanical banks from the 1870, and radios from the 1920's. Yes, and my wife was born in 1965 - she's sort of a general purpose robot around the homestead.
  • A book from about 1900s. Tis my mum's bible. -.-
  • I bought a magnifying glass 62 years ago and still use it. Some of my dad's books from the 1920's. Tools from before WWII. (I don't use them) Horse harness snaps, buckles and bits. Horseshoes and mule shoes from early 1900's.
  • I have many technical books predating 1900. I have lots of old junk in the archives.
  • Grandpa's 1920s $50. Sears and Roebuck's saddle. It ain't fancy. It looks as old an beat up as it is. But it fits the horse i choose to ride. The modern ones don't.
  • My Penis. It's Been With Me From Day One.

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