• no not hard if your with people of your own likes
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  • i agree especially since the generation now a days is all hooked on drugs sex and cutting and stuff in that genral area yea but u could find people
  • I agree that it is. A true friend is someone you could trust wholeheartedly without having to worry about being let down or betrayed. That's a hard thing to find.
  • Yes Becauce now a days nobody wants truth. Honestly saying every body wants showoff!!! Real friend want always the goodness, which inturn maybe ends in saparation.That's why......!!!
  • Yes i agree. Most people out there are merely looking to screw you over for their best interest. thats what makes it so hard to find some one who actually likes you for you.
  • It's my belief that, it's very difficult to form long lasting, true and good friends. One of the main reasons is that people tend to relocate more often and at further distances. Work and higher education being just two reasons. My best friend of 58 years could not be more different. She came from a lower class family of 8 kids. I came from an upper middle class family of 2 kids. We have learned to over look our differences and find a compromise and middle ground on everything because our friendship is more important than who is right or wrong. I couldn't imagine my entire life without her friendship. And, even with 6 sisters and one brother, she feels the same about me.
  • I disagree. Why? I've found many. There's a lot to be said for 'being a friend' instead of expecting everyone else to be one.
  • not that it's hard to find but takes lots of time, if your looking for a new one. and i wouldn't say that the generation we are in now wouldn't allow it, some of the friends i became close with is because of drugs and being with them thru thick and thin has happend even when they bail out the good ones will feel sorry and come back.
  • It is hard because it takes an investment of time as well as being vulnerable. Most people are afraid of letting someone into their life because they fear being rejected. That is why most relationships are shallow and superfluous.
  • No..If you are a good can easily find a good and true friend..."As you shall you reap "
  • I never have trouble finding the kinds of friends I want... but I also am the kind of friend I want. honest to the point of being socialy inept.... while other people are not that extreme the ones who call me friend have learned to take advantage of that and give it in return as best they are able.
  • I agree. It is not easy to find a true FRIEND, who will be there for you in time of need. It takes time to build true Friendship with one another. Someone who you can trust in. Someone who can trust in you. If and when you find this Friendship. It is very wise, you never let it go.
  • I agree, finding a friend isnt that hard, but a true the chance for finding a true friend is few and far between.
  • infact, i have so many friends i hang out wid.when there is fun friends are there. but when your down or in desperate time of needs you only see one or non.friends could decieve and betray your trust, they laugh with you and laugh at you, behind your bak.a friend will always be jealous of you
  • Hard to find instantly--that kind of friend develops over time. If you're capable of BEING a good true friend your odds are better.
  • Yes they are hard to find, they dont just come along, you have to work hard to get a friendship like that. you have to have things in common and just accept all each other differences no matter what. id you do that, the friendship will develope over time
  • I spend my time this way trying to be a good true friend and don't bother about finding ones. That comes as a matter of course.
  • I good and true friend is very hard to find, you'll only ever find one or two in your life, I've been so lucky as to find two of them so far :)
  • I agree They are hard to find because of trust and honesty
  • Very true... but most times people are too busy with themselves..
  • I agree, but sometimes you find good friends when you least expect them!
  • yes, because there are little people on this earth who will completely stand on your expectations.

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