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  • No, I wouldn't. Although that doesn't mean you shouldn't.
  • Don't know, don't have. If I did have my thought pattern would be different than now so really can't say because often when one or more variable is changed so are others. +5
  • no. They would try to stop me and make my death extra annoying.
  • No, then people would pity you and try to fix things they can't. Its a personal thought that you should get help with professionally, but i would never discuss with people I know.
  • the real bitch of it is-i have no one to tell who would care
  • If I felt I couldn't handle them or I knew it was imminent I would show up at my local hospital to have them intervene on my behalf. Otherwise I would tell no one.
  • This is a "telling" question, I hope you are Okay Zack?
  • On here, sure. In person? Hell no.
  • Definitely. I didn't tell anybody before, which resulted me spiralling further into depression and ultimately ended up in an attempted suicide. I have hopefully learned from my mistakes - thoughts like that must always be talked about - ideally before the thoughts of suicide even come about. It is the only way to get the help needed =) Typically though, the people who really want to commit suicide will not tell a soul. Those who do tell often have no intention of really doing it and are speaking of it as a cry for help, in my experience. That is not to say their situation is not as serious, it is just as serious. They must be listened to.
  • The first one I would go to would be my suicide counselor. If unavailable, I will talk to the school counselor, priest, friends, parents and relatives.
  • i would, i did and it helps (for me)
  • i would because this is a sign that i was losing it and needed someone to put me back on the right track.
  • My dad died of a suicide. Now he did have cancer, so that affected his thinking. I always think that we could have had more time to heal and bond if he had died naturally. SO yes, I would, becuase I would not want to put my through family through what I went through when he committed suicide.
  • No, I wouldn't!
  • Yes, my doctor..:)
  • not anymore
  • No, that's the point, isn't it? If you are serious, you would not. I tried it about 25 years ago and I woke up with a bunch of pills I vomited out. That told me to stop being stupid.
  • If I could restart no I wouldn't, but I did, told closest friends and my boyfriend, my boyfriend ignored every upset word and dumped me blocking all communication even though apparantly he still loves me, yeah right. And my friends were oh so supportive. They ALL ignored my basic cry for help, they pushed me further to commit suicide, by showing no care or support. So I attempt, plenty of times, I've overdosed, even on e! Suffocated my self, tried to get ran over, attempted hanging, I've tried loads, so I've stopped now to make a plan of how to do it perfect so next time I succeed. But I'm sure you wouldn't want to be like I am, I have no support that's why I continue to do this to prove them wrong. I wouldn't tell those closest to you..
  • I don't think so - I don't think anyone around me would take me seriously enough to care. I have often wondered how they would feel if I were gone and I honestly don't think it would matter that much.

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