• I think craft is meant to be fun whereas Art is considered a skillful pursuit... not that craft can't be skillful. If I wanted to be smart I could say that Craft is Art rearranged with two extra letters. But I won't ;)
  • I think there's a very thin line...unless you're an Art Critic. You can make much $$$ off either these days. I say enjoy & create! Whichever it is!
  • A craft is the technical ability to make a work. Craft is the basis for many art forms. Without mastering your craft, for instance, you can never become a great violin player. In order to classify as art, a work must have an additional quality on top of being well crafted. this quality is hard to describe and is often the subject of discussion. In my opinion an artwork has an emotional, spiritual or philosophical quality that is unique and essentially indescribable. It can only be experienced through the specific art work. In contemporary art, many people advocate the idea that a work of art can consist in the idea only, without any craft being involved. that lead to the situation that many things are considered art by some people, and many people disagree and feel provoked - for instance by color-field painting or so-called conceptual art. Art and craft should, in my opinion, not be seen as opposites, but as two features complementing each other. Japanese aesthetics show that a humble ceramic tea bowl can be a great work of art.

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