• Maybe try doing weights so that your arms can hold your body.
  • start with 1 push up and gradually (over the period of time) you will start to build strength to do more.
  • Do some bench presses with the bar...its like 25 pounds...if you can do more than that add a couple 10's 1 on each side....itll bump it up to 45...just work on that in reps of 10 and do it 3 times....then go back to your squats...and next day at 2.5 pounds on each side...and do reps of 10 3 sets...Everyday steadily add more weight and move up to reps of thing you know...youll be able to do 50 pushups
  • You can start with cheaters. Those are what I call them when instead of being on your toes you use your knees as your bottom point. Work it up to three sets of 10 to 15 of them and than start with sets of 2 to 5 reps of regular push ups, increase both the number up to 15 and your sets to three and than vary as you wish. May take 4 to 8 weeks but yo'll get there. You can use weights also but take care not to push too far too fast. Every other day at most - I refer 4 days a week and change the routine once in a while. +5
  • If a standard push-up is too strenuous you can do a modified push-up. It's much easier to do and you can build up your muscles this way until you are strong enough to do standard push-ups. In the link below look at the istructions for "knee" push-ups. The short video above it provides a visual example. "Knee" push ups - to reduce the lifting load by about 50% you can do the same exercise, but do it on your knees. Keeping a straight line from neck to torso is still important, so please pay attention to correct body alignment as you perform your workout.
    • mushroom
      That's what they had me do in PT. And planks.
    • AskingForaFriend
      What Ditto said! You could even start smaller if you need to with wall push-ups or low countertop push-ups

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