• Because it helps my back. A doctor recommended it to me while having extreme pain management problems. It has REALLY helped. The docot also recommended it to help with skin problems, like acne, and depression, considering I am an indoors person. The UV light causes your body to produce chemicals that can help with depression. Its just really important to not over do, never let yourself burn, and use a REALLY good, high quality moisturizer.
  • Middle of winter... heats me up and makes me feel so much better!!! Of course, since I am totally white, I can't stay in very long. But, those few minutes can refresh me for weeks!
  • Well, mainly because I want to have a tan. Also, my doctor said the UV lights help with depression. And then there is my vain mother, who tries to get me to go often.
  • I don't! Do you think I want my skin looking like an old saddle in 5 years?
  • i haven't in recent years, but when i used to it was for the UV rays to reduce seasonal affective disorder (winter depressions), make colleagues jealous, look good, and it'd warm me to the bones.
  • I never do. It's either natural or nothing and I keep natural to a minimum as well. It's just not worth the risk, especially as I get older.
  • You get the benefit to go for bronze. lol
  • I don't
  • I never have.

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