• What kind of Thurst "of Lust or ....."?
  • i think u r feeling little fear hidden within u thats why
  • You're a vampire. The thirst will only get worse until you feed. It's fun, we should hang out and hunt down mortals sometime. They're nothing but cattle anyway.
  • Being thirsty more than usual could be a sign of diabetes, or dehydration, or that 4 foot bong you just hit.
  • do you know what kind of thirst? do you thirst for water or something else? +2
  • Could be air conditioning. Just keep a bottle of water near the bed.
  • just at night MsV? +5
  • Too much beer out on the Golf Course. You're dehydrated.
  • Violet could you be a snorer? OMG
  • I agree with everyone else here - don't ignore it, go ask a doctor. I ignored it and after a few weeks woke up in hospital instead of work... very distressing. Alternatively, blow your nose before you go to sleep and stop sleeping with your mouth open! ;)
  • If you work outdoors in hot summer weather, you will sweat out a lot of water and need to replenish at night. When I was working on horse farms I would sometimes wake in the middle of the night in summer and chug a quart or more of water. I was just that dehydrated after a whole day of hard work in extreme heat. If you aren't working hard in heat, you might want to see a doctor for a fasting blood sugar. Thirst at night is also one of the early signs of diabetes.
  • Diabetes.
  • Violet, I do think that you should see your doctor as soon as possible so that you can eliminate the possibility of it being diabetes. However, I want to alert you to some things that could be making it worst. Try switching your household cleaning products to organic, just for a month. See if this might not help out some. Try this with EVERYTHING you use; laundry detergent is something that is around you constantly. If it has alcohol in it and you sweat at all, it activates any chemicals in it and may be causing your sinuses to become dry, your throat and eyes as well. Antibacterial wipes, hand lotions, and sanitizers could be contributing to this as well. Their base seems to be isopropyl more often than not nowadays. ` To make it less of a problem, just try changing those cleaning products. Don't forget your shampoo, conditioner, etc. Try chewing on a sprig of mint before laying down. It will activate your saliva glands. I hope this helps.
  • um... lack of water during the day(???)
  • maybe you should get checked for diabetes if youre thirsty all the time
  • It could be as simple as you, possibly, having blocked sinuses and so you are breathing through your mouth. Another cause could be diabetes. If this has begun to happen recently then see your doctor.

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