• I eat small snack-sized meals 2-3 times per day,and drink alot of water.*+++++*
  • I find myself to be both. I eat two meals a day; lunch and dinner. But at the same time, I snack on fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. ` Generally I try to keep carrot sticks, apple slices or some sort of fruit and vegetables with me. Grapes are great and so are peanuts of some sort. I can snack on that all day long, but I tend to like to have lunch and dinner meals. Not much, but enough. Lunch is generally some sort of fresh green salad, fruit and water, and dinner just depends. I don't eat much meats, so dinner doesn't generally include a meat, which means I eat more of those vegetables. ` I don't eat anything before 2pm and nothing after 9pm, except water, so my meals are normally small and my snacks are closer together.
  • I really only eat dinner at night. I don't generally munch on anything all day. I'll have a cup or two of coffee and then a pop or two. Gotta keep my girlish figure!! LOL +5
  • I very rarely snack. I mainly eat meals, sometimes only breakfast and dinner.
  • I'm more of a meal person with some fruits and vegetables thrown in for snacks.
  • A meal person, since I eat lunch and dinner everyday, and sometimes breakfast. Whereas snacks, I only eat them late at night, but not occasionally.

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