• Any war is "justified," in the minds of those fighting it. +5
  • The indo pak wars!
  • "Just War" is a concept/theory created and defined by Saint Augustine of Hippo, and developed subsequently by the Catholic Church and various philosophers. There are two aspects to Just War theory: Just Cause for Going to War and Just Conduct During the War. Just Cause theory only applies to the State which initiates hostilities, i.e., is the first to deliberately commit an actual "act of war." A nation that is attacked unjustly is ipso-facto justified in defending itself, and her allies are jusftified in coming to her aid. For example: WWII was an unjust war (Germany was in the wrong in invading Poland) and therefore Poland and her allies France and Britain were justified in fighting Germany. So, in terms of Just Cause: WWI & WWII were not just wars for Germany, Italy, and Japan; they were just wars for Britain and its Commonwealth, France, Poland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, China, and America -- Portugal, Brazil, and other Latin American countries that jumped on the bandwagon are another matter. The criteria for initiating a Just War are: 1. JUST CAUSE - The reason for going to war needs to be just and cannot therefore be solely for recapturing things taken or punishing people who have done wrong; innocent life must be in imminent danger and intervention must be to protect life. "Force may be used only to correct a grave, public evil, i.e., aggression or massive violation of the basic human rights of whole populations." 2. LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY - Only duly constituted public authorities may wage war. (This also applies to revolutions and civil wars.) 3. RIGHT INTENTION - Force may be used only in a truly just cause and solely for that purpose—correcting a suffered wrong is considered a right intention, while material gain or maintaining economies is not. 4. PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS - Arms may not be used in a futile cause or in a case where disproportionate measures are required to achieve success. 5. LAST RESORT - Force may be used only after all peaceful and viable alternatives have been seriously tried and exhausted or are clearly not practical. It may be clear that the other side is using negotiations as a delaying tactic and will not make meaningful concessions. 6. PROPORTIONALITY - The anticipated benefits of waging a war must be proportionate to its expected evils or harms. The Criteria of Just Conduct of a war are: 1. DISTINCTION - which basically means you never target civilians. That doesn't mean you can't attack if civilians will get killed - it's just that killing or wounding civilians can't be your objective. 2. PROPORTIONALITY - which is basically bunk as it's entirely elastic and subjective: it states that the anticipated harm and damage caused by a military operation can't be "excessive" when compared with the "military advantage" of that operation. 3. MILITARY NECESSITY - a criterion that's self-explanatory and (at least in modern warfare) entirely useless. A modern General Staff does not launch an operation it does not believe to be a military necessity. As to whether there have been any just wars since 1909, the answer largely depends upon whom you think initiated each war, and what amount of damage and death you regard as "excessive." The standard concensus of historians, ethicists, theologians, military strategists, and political-scientists (who still put any stock in Just War theory) is that every war of the last two centuries was begun by a criminal act by the agressor/initiating government... but they don't always agree on which government started each war. You won't however find many people who dispute that both WWI&II were each begun by a criminal act by Germany. Even Germans believe that.
  • Tanker Wars
  • 3-4-2017 War is inherently unjust. Every war of bullets is accompanied by a war of words. Each side has to make the other side seem to be monsters, too horrible to contemplate. A lot of people have noticed that American soldiers and allies did not shoot Germans much when they got close enough to see targets. They theorize that it was because they thought the Germans looked like humans.
  • There is a truly JUST war taking place as we speak - a spiritual war against monotheistic programs such as Christianity, which are nothing more than tools used to keep the populace deprived of real spiritual knowledge, and the power in the hands of those at the top. Satanism is not "evil" as described in the Bible, but on the contrary, Satan and the other Gods (as in the Greek Gods etc) love humanity. and view monotheism as the root of all evil - the Gods are defamed and called "demons" in the Bible, and people are told to avoid them at all costs. Learn the TRUTH:

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