• They are made to last for 5 years without any repairs.
  • Most of ours have lasted around 10 years.
  • I would say 5-7 years. They are so reasonable now that even one lasting 3 years is good! I can remember paying over $500 for my first one that was SO large it took up 1/2 the counter space!
  • I think they are supposed to last for 4-5 years but I've known some to break after just one year and others that worked great for 15 years or more. My mom still has one from the early 70s that works.
  • I don't have any idea what the average life span is for a microwave oven. The reason being that we bought out first microwave oven in 1971, and we still use it every day. Never had a problem with it, keep waiting for it to go, but it still works great!! It is a montgomery wards brand, size is 1.5 cubic ft. still works and looks like it is new!! It does not look much different than the new ones I have seen. It has different settings on it, for defrost, low, medium and high, can be preset to start automatically. The door is all glass with a light that goes on when we open the door, and I never had to change the light bulb either. I will let you know when we have to buy a new one:)
  • I had one that lasted about 18 yrs and then bought a new one that lasted 3 yrs. I think things were made better years ago. They were meant to last. Now days I think they are made "cheap" on purpose so that more money can be made. ??????? +5
  • not sure but my friend once gave me a microwave and it died 3 months later so i got one from a thrift store for $15 and that was 5yrs ago

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