• I can only answer about the Air Force - you study for then take an exam called the Promotion Fitness Exam (PFE). In addition you get points based on your time in service and time in grade, awards and decorations and other points.
  • In the Navy, you take a long, multiple choice test. You also get extra points for longevity, evaluations etc.
  • Time in rate is a factor. You usually have to spend a certain amount of time in your current rate before you can be promoted. There are ways that you can get a guarantee that you'll be a certain rate after you successfully complete Boot Camp or your first school which will help in your promotion. And like the others have stated at the point of E4 and above you have to take a rating exam which is based on knowledge of your job. You also have to have good performance evaluations. Winning awards, ribbons, and getting comendations help. But most importantly don't get busted back in rank by getting in trouble. Also if you are academically able and choose to become an officer this will increase your rank as well.
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  • Be proficient in your MOS.

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