• Before i get out of bed i try and turn off my radio alarm, with difficultly. Then i get out and fall over all the random clothes all over the floor. 2ndly, i find my clothes for the day, deoderise and put them on. 3rdly, i go swear at dad whens hes hogging the shower, then i get in and shower. lastly, i wander downstairs and sort my bag out for the day. Thats my morning! Exciting isn't it!
  • I turn off my alarm, use the bathroom, brush and rinse, shower
  • Turn off alarm clocks Turn on tv Scratch
  • Monday through Friday, I first grab my phone, call Weather Phone to see what I should wear. Brush my teeth, pick something out, put it on and leave. I'm pretty high maintenance in the mornings. :)
  • 1. Climb over husband to get out of bed 2. Pee 3. Shower and brush teeth 4. Waken all my sleepy, grumpy children!
  • 1. Turn off the obnoxious alarm. 2. Move the cat off my stomach. 3. Put my slippers on. 4. Contemplate my navel.
  • 1.) Check my phone for text messages(damn friends who stay up late and text, thank god there is silent mode on phones) 2.) Pick something out to wear 3.) Go to bathroom, brushteeth 4.) Have a smoke! (I know you may be thinking, "why doesn't she brush her teeth then smoke?" But its because I am just gonna have a smoke on the way to work anyways. :)
  • Stretch, yawn, mumble incoherently to my other half, follow the scent of coffee, greet my two cats, put wood on the fire, shower, and feed the ducks.
  • 1-turn of the alrm clock 2-put on my Homer Simpsons slippers 3-CLIMB the stairs 4-hug my cat 5-TO THE BATHROOM!
  • light up a cig watch news/weather shower get dressed and perty.
  • if im at home i get up go to the bathroom make breakfast get derssed do dishes and leave if im at my Fiancé's house i show him with kisses to wake him up have a smoke together he goes back to bed i go to the bathroom then have coffee and wake him up for the day. exciting huh?
  • 1) Go to the toilet 2) Look at myself in the mirror 3) Eat breakfast
  • Snuggle my dog. Put my hair up in a clip. Brew some tea Turn on computer.
  • Well I shall give my routine as well. 1 alarm makes this obnoxious sound-(I put it far away across the room, so I have to get up) I hit the off button and give in to the fact I must get up. 2 pull some clothes on 3 hit the bathroom on the way downstairs 4 go immediately to the COFFEE. Need my coffee!!!
  • I hit the alarm 3 times, whine like a baby, find some clothes and trip in the bathroom
  • Fumble around for my alarm clock to shut it the heck up (while mumbling/thinking sleepy profanities), give sleeping hubby and aggravatingly cheerful dog kisses, trip on said cheerful pooch on the way to the bathroom to pee, and then start the shower, extra hot. It's all very slow and sleepy 'cause I'm so groggy but I go on auto-pilot when I roll out of bed at 5 in the morning!
  • 1. Wash face to wake up 2. Pee 3. Brush Teeth 4. Get dressed
  • 1. Turn on the light. 2. Pet my cat Shaggy. 3. Use the bathroom.
  • I go to the bathroom, After that I wash my face, make a pot of coffee, and have a cigarette.
  • open eyes.....another five minutes..... close it five minutes... open eyes.....will surely net up when the clock reaches 30 minutes almost closing eyes......oh what the hell....its sunday afterall....zzzzzzzz
  • Turn off alarm. Open the curtains. Go into the bathroom and wash face/brush hair. Go to the toilet.
  • I first Have a little bit of noni juice,It really helps,then I Watch the telle for a while,then I have breakfast if its a weekday I then go for a shower,If its the weekend,I either watch more TV,have a shower anyway or logg on to answerbag(but only for a few minutes)After that its just chilaxing with my friends(on the weekend) or school(if its a weekday),I still chilaxe with my friends at school so it doesnt make any difference.
  • toilet, drink, weigh
  • Pee Make a drink Take my meds Watch the weather Man..I am sooo old. :depressed:
  • Stand up and stretch go let the dog out put on the coffee check outside see if the sun is shining
  • go to the bathrm

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