• Not everyone believes he's a pedophile, and even if they do, maybe they think his music and dancing and being the King of Pop are enough to make up for it.
  • your so going to get slated for that question, i'll keep an eye on it, looks like it could be fun.
  • Some feel he was guilty and some not guilty of the charges that were brought up against him. I personally am torn. On one hand I think he set himself up to fall knowing how the world thinks. On the other hand I refuse to understand how parents would allow sleep-overs of their children in the home of a middle age man unattended. I personally would have never placed my child in the care of any man or woman based solely on their fame. I honestly believe that the parents should have been some what responsible for placing their child in the situation. Rather or not he was guilty of being a pedophile or not really isn't the issue with me. The man himself did make a huge mark in the world and death is sad all in itself. No matter what, this chapter has come to an end.
  • Don't you know the saying "innocent until proven guilty?" Well, MJ was found not guilty of the charges(no matter how much suspicion there was)
  • Celebrities enjoy a special kind of protection from the outrage people feel about crime - OJ is innocent, Phil Spector is innocent, the jails are full of innocent people. Celebrities are given the benefit of the doubt far more than us regular folks are.
  • +5 In an unusual way for me, I am not sad at his death. I am shocked at such a young age someone would die. But not sad, actually relieved that little boys everywhere are a little safer this morning.
  • Double Standards. EVERYONE has them. And folks wonder why evil continues to fluorish. THIS is why. Folks excuse their 'heroes' of their sins. "You people need to realize that you can seperate the actions from the acheivments. One he was never convicted, two you have no proof he did anything, and three he was a genius." Hitler was a great achiever. He was never convicted, many say there was no proof he ordered the Holocaust, and he was indeed a great genius and Leader of Germany. Understand now?
  • He was found "not guilty" of paedophilia.
  • i rekon when you are a big celeb you are beyond reproach!!
  • Im not sad. I was telling people at work that their kids can turn out the lights now when they sleep.
  • Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY and that should be the end of it
  • The question assumes Michael Jackson was a pedophile. This has never been confirmed. He was never found guilty and there was no proff presented; only the insistence of two parents who have since retired in wealth.
  • Because there are a few who believe he is innocent. I just dont happen to be one of them.
  • They can believe that the accusations against him were not true - since a court found them to be false. Yet it seems that once an accusation of this sort has been made, the accused is immediately guilty even when a court has decided otherwise.
  • Since michael jackson was found innocent on 7 counts of child molestation, I can safely say that I do not mourn the death of a child molester. Here's a small taste of lies Mike had to endure, even from close friends, like Corey Feldman.
  • Michael Jackson loved children because they have innocent minds and do not judge like older people do. Many adults have preconcieved ideas from their own preconcieved ideas, or their own sinful thoughts, and their insecurities of their own behaviour. Sadly, their sins cloud their judgement of the innocents of others, and they are the first to point fingers at people who are innocent. Why did Michael still have his children living with him? Because he was proven innocent.
  • who cares if he was found not guilty so many have been found not guilty. my rapist plead guilty but was given a very light sentence because he was a "good" marine. they might as well have said not guilty or we dont care. and to me saying oh well he was found not guilty is just shit especially since how famous he was how the hell could there not have been some biasness involved within that case. money does talk as does fame. its like if you do something good, have money, have fame things can be over looked i dont think any celebrity case would be equal to that of a normal person. eg. if my dad a normal guy was accused the same im sure a lot more would have happened
  • There was no solid evidence of any sort of abuse. there are people out there who get away scott-free for horrible things but there are also people who have their entire lives ruined by being prosecuted for something they didn't do. He was friends with children many times before who had been grown by the time of the prosecutions and completely defended him through out the time of his trials. I'm not saying he isn't or is but no one can say that he is as if it is a fact.
  • They are responding to his music and his persona. None of them knew him personally. And, also, he wasn't convicted of anything which means there was reasonable doubt.
  • because they are two separate issues! i guess you are making the assumption that mj was a pedophile...did you know that there are 1903 pages of transcribed testimonies from 41 witnesses? and there wasn't enough evidence in there to convict him of any of the charges...not even the lesser charges that the prosecuters hoped would hang him if he were found not guilty of the more serious charges. what part of this are people failing to wrap their brains around?
  • Pedophiles should be punished to death. However Michael Jacksons death is a huge loss to the world. For whatever reason people want to believe the worse in others. There was no evidence that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. He was found not guilty and on June 29, 2009 Jordan Chandler, the boy who was the accuser made a statement saying he lied because his father made him do it for the money. He expressed regret that he never got the opportunity to apologize to Michael Jackson.
  • here we go again ...PROOF please that he was a pedophile... none that right none ... I thought so , next question
  • That is simple- he was not a pedophile. It amazes me the lies people will tell for a few bucks! I can't believe people can be so hateful.
  • He was a victim. Since assassination has become old fashioned they chose another way to choke his voice. You should learn a lesson that if you are a famous singer and your country is about to invade some countries and start some wars, you shouldn't go around and sing songs about peace and against war!
  • Michael's 'accusers' BOTH had parents with documented criminal histories of fraud and extortion in their past. You do the math.
  • If you are rich and powerful and have a reputation that make people idolize you, you have carte blanche to do whatever you wish.

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