• It's surreal for me. I am so, so, so sad. He was an icon. He inspired everyone. He was a legend with true genius, and we grew up with his music. He changed the music industry. Watching his body get carried out by helicopter right now - I have been watching the news all night - I just feel shocked and sad. The world missed out on much more MJ had to give. Criticize him personally, if you will. Professionally, this man transcended color, genre, and even brand name.
  • Not much of a fan, never cared for "pop" music, but I will say he was a very talented man that will be hard to top. Man in the Mirror was an exceptional song and video.
  • "Off the wall" was his best,maybe the best of it's kind.
  • I wasn't a fan but his music was good, it's a sad story :(
  • i was pretty shocked lyk i couldnt belive it i was a fan his music, his dancing was veryy good he was talented & no 1 can ever replace the KING OF POP
  • Shock and disbelief. I always wondered what he would look like when he aged but ironically it seemed like he'd just live and remain the same forever. I always felt sorry for him because he seemed to be lonely and still suffering from the wounds of his childhood. It's not excusing anything he may (or may not) have done but I give his music ingenuity a standing ovation.
  • So shocked and saddened :( He was an incredible entertainer, an icon. I feel sad for all the personal darkness he went through and criticism from so many. Even now I've read comments from people that are making fun of him. The man is dead ffs! I don't care how much you disliked him or what kind of 'weird' life he had. Jokes about anyone's death are disrespectful, ignorant, and hurtful. Leave them in peace. And also, I hope we remember Farrah Fawcett as well. She died the same morning :( Hers is kinda being overshadowed by MJ's. Although hers was expected at some time because of her illness and M's was sudden, it's still an equal loss. RIP Charlie's Angel and the King of Pop. (and also Ed McMahon who died 2 days ago...deaths really do come in 3's huh :( )
  • im not a huge fan, but i liked his music a lot. its good that he is finally out of his misery. he had a hard life, and he is at peace now. i will miss him. i think a lot of people will, just wont admit to it.
  • I wasn't really a "fan", but I did enjoy quite a bit of his music. I found myself shocked and a little saddened to hear of it.
  • I'm a definite fan, as a lover of 80's music, I have to be, the 80's music scene couldn't have done without him. It's very sad, I hope most acts do a Jackson song at Glastonbury this weekend in honour of the man. It's said about a lot of famous people that pass away, but Jackson was definitely a legend, so much so, that you only had to use his first name and people knew exactly who you were talking about, he will go down in history as the king of pop, and rightly so. He provided many years of entertainment, even in the media with his off-the-wall-ness, but musically, the man was very talented, very talented indeed. May he rest in peace.
  • I never cared for his music and never paid much attention to all the hoopla with his lifestyle except when he held his child out of that hotel room window like an f'n idiot, however, it is a shame he died so young.
  • My reaction was surreal! I was a HUGE fan!
  • a dancer I have so much respect for what he brought to the stage...trying not to dwell on the dark aspects that surround his life.... ..I danced for hours last night to his music..and that is what I'll remember about him, how much he enjoyed his art and how I feel when I listen to his music... .......peace Michael...
  • I'm very sad about it. I feel like the world lost one of it's most important people. Look, I don't know what Mike did behind closed doors, and I don't judge him. All I know is Michael Jackson was the most talented person I ever saw. And on top of that, he was the most humble person I've ever seen. He lived his entire life from 5 years old to the day of his death being stalked by not only american media, but the media of pretty much the entire world. He spent his whole life trying to somehow get his childhood back and never could. He was a big part of my childhood, and there will never be another person like Mike. He was the greatest entertainer in american history, and maybe the history of the world, and you never saw him patting himself on the back or being arrogant. That type of person doesn't even exist anymore in show business. I just feel like the human race lost one of it's most impressive people. I feel like a good friend died.
  • One less child molester.
  • My first thought was..That's too bad. Then I watched The Andy Griffith Show. NO I was never a he didn't give a rats ass about me eather.
  • This is horrible. The worst part for me was seeing his small body swaddled in the sheet boarding the helicopter, it seemed unreal that Michael Jackson was under that sheet no longer living, I was watching the news as they boarded his body and i was waiting for him to get up, dance, talk, anything, but nothing. I was sick watching this. I always wondered about what he would look like as he got older and what is mental state would be, now I dont have to wonder, I dont think he would have tolerated aging well and he would have only become isolative more so than what he was, so maybe it is for the best that he passed away when he did, now he can rest, imagine working for 45 years starting at age 5, thats alot to endure, even for Michael Jackson. RIP

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