• I send samples of food flavours to food manufacturers. Turn on lights.. Turn on computer and radio... Check email for new requests... Check if I have to send anything in the metro region of my city... Go upstairs (wearing lab coat) and work in lab to make small batches of food flavours... Put flavours into QA for quality checking... Lunch... Decant flavours into smaller bottles, write up despatch advices, box and send parcels all over Australia. Some days I send stuff O/S and that is more time-consuming as there is a lot of paperwork to complete for customs (different requirements for each destination). I check my email regularly through-out the day for new requests. I guess I didn't really need my science degree to be a glorified store person.
  • Up at 0500, go to the mine site, work like hell, go home at 1430.
  • cant since i dont have a job
  • It's dark. The Sun rises in the East, goes slowly overhead and then disappears in the West. It's dark again.
  • Since having my stroke I spend a lot of time here on my computer, watch TV and sleep. I break up that monotony by frequent trips to various doctors.
  • i dont have a job
  • I retired young, because I received high pay for being an actress and model. As an actress, I learned scripts and recited them while moving about as the director told me. As a model, I posed for photographers. I made many "Heiya" photo books and was paid $400,000 USA for each.

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