• Or until I get bored, Hmmmm, maybe more appropriate, but nope there is always hope :-)
  • Seems more Like the Next best Thing that comes along,,,,OOOOOOO Well you win some you lose Some ;)
  • Well... you can always write your own wedding vows and have an open marriage...
  • Never, the next best thing is then never good enough!!
  • Maybe it should be "Until love is no more between us" and amazingly enough it takes as much effort to fail as it does to succeed ... ~Nemo~
  • Whatever the two getting married want in their vows. There was no 'till death do us part' in my wedding vows and we have been married 24 years.
  • lol i see how that would be more realistic, but i think the solution is to outlaw divorce, and to make marriage a permanant contract, instead of the temporary arrangement.
  • LOLs.....or until the insurance policy is paid up...till death do us part some people have all the luck...
  • I, (name), take you (name), to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold from this day forward; for better or until things get worse; for richer, or until you lose your job and your money; in sickness or until your health fails; to love and to cherish, until someone else comes along that I'd rather bang; from this day forward until I am tired of you and file for a divorce, taking half of everything (unless I can get more) plus alimony and child suport. At least it has a ring of truth to it for some people. Perhaps it would make some people think twice before they get married?
  • Until one or both of us would rather watch TV alone every night than spend another miserable night sleeping next to the other.
  • Or, "until I'd rather be dead than be married to you anymore."
  • Hmm... Seems that'd kinda defeat the purpose of providing a stable environment for children to grow up in. Ah, well, who cares about them anyway? Right?
  • LMFAO, brilliant idea, however, I would just boycott weddings all together.
  • How about...'til this outrageously overpriced wedding is completely paid for'?
  • Yes that, or two more commonly: until we get tired of each other and until one of us fu*k up!!!!! That would be SWEEEEET and then not to pay a penalty for it....real nice!!!
  • That is the funniest thing I have seen today. Thanks for the laugh. My wedding vows had "til death do us part" but should have been "until she finds out I'm cheating.."
  • Mine ended with, " I will love you till the end of time and longer"
  • The whole marriage ritual is outdated and needs to be changed. The white dress thing, the priest, the church...blah blah's such a charade. Men hate it. It's totally just a thing for women that we as men give in to so women can have their day of being the center of all their friends envy, and the acceptance of their parents. It's stupid to me. Plus, people who aren't even religious feel like they HAVE to do this religious ceremony or it won't be a valid marriage. One of the reasons marriage doesn't work anymore in america is because of the fakeness that surrounds it.
  • YUP. that's 21st century culture. haha

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