• There are many kinds of HPV HPV causes warts, anywhere. different kinds of HPV cause warts in different places. only 4 types cause cervical cancer, preventing the ability to carry a baby full term. What this means is that at this point, your cervix is swollen, but you're not.... disfigured. this is common with HPV. In laymans terms, it means... you have some kind of warts on your cervix. Essentially, things could be worse. They might go away, they might not. You might get cervical cancer, you might not. The "high risk" part means things may get worse. Continue to consult your Gyno.
  • I had a similar diagnosis. I had a minor surgery to remove the tissue containing the "pre-cancerous lesions". I have had normal/negative results for the last 5 years. It has its risks, but considering my family history it was worth it.

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