• I take citalopram 10mg daily and it is perfectly safe. I assume you have been prescribed it because you are suffering from anxiety or depression, as this is what it is usually prescribed for. I can only speak from personal experience, and say that without it I felt unable to cope, tearful, very depressed and low. Taking it has made me able to cope with everyday life a bit better. It is not a magic pill to cure depression but it certainly helps. I would never recommend medical intervention for depression without coinciding it with a talking therapy, such as counselling.
  • How it makes you feel varies greatly from person to person... Here is a link about it I have been on it before and It didnt really change much, I was just a little lethargic just like any other antidepressants
  • i have be3en perscribed 10mg a day i took one and i made me feel realy wierd so i darnt take another one, i am so depressed and feel so anxious dont know what to do . help

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