• You're too nice.
  • Because you were probably raised by loving and amiable parents, so it was bred in you to be a caring person.
  • Because you arguing too much.
  • Maybe you don't care about yourself enough? It's a lot easier to spend your time thinking/caring about others (especially people who have hurt you) than focus all that energy inward, and maybe end up having to face things about yourself that you've been avoiding. I'm not saying to be completely self-centered or anything, or that I think there is something "wrong" with you, I am just speaking from my own personal experience with the same problem.
  • Who hurt you? How did they hurt you?
  • I keep asking myself the same stupid question over and over and over again... Im afraid it's brain dmamge?
  • Probably its time you care less... Its not always that you are theo nes who care when you don't get the love back. Relationships gotta strike from both the ends. If not, its better to stay away for sometime till they realise how much you're worth and they miss you...
  • You are sympathetic, empathetic, and compassionate. Don't let those who hurt you take that away.
  • They make you feel vulnerable and they make you think low of yourself. So then you keep going back to them and being nice, BECAUSE you think you can't find anyone better to treat you the way YOU want to be treated. It's kinda like a abusive relationship. So stick up for yourself and make sure you only surround yourself with people that care about you. You deserve nothing less!! (= I hope that helps. [=
  • Because you have a good heart
  • Maybe you are a very caring person with a good heart!
  • You are simply 'you'. The unique person you are leads you to feel and behave in a way that is influenced, but not controlled, by others. You're smart enough to know that you can only control your own actions. We can't control others--only how we react to them. Some may view continued kindness as a weakness, but I see it as a depth of strength, courage, and quality of character when the kindhearted persevere.
  • I do the same and it always comes back to burn me. I wish I had an answer for you. I can only say that I understand how you feel.
  • If you can't tell me I can't tell you for sure.
  • Probably because you believe in treating people exactly the same way you would wish for them to treat you, were your positions reversed. +5
  • Probably because you are one of the very few decent people in this world.
  • probably just because youre a caring person
  • Everyone is different I care about others
  • Whoever hurt you don’t deserve your care. Avoid these people as much as you possibly can. It sounds to me you may have to work on standing up for yourself. Learn to speak up to those who may hurt you again and tell them to leave you alone. You should only care for those who care for you so as the feeling is mutual
  • Having a chip on your shoulder is to be concerned in ways you have been treated unfairly.
  • When people get into questions on the topic of feelings, it usually indicates that they're a millennial and have spent too much time picking flowers in the Garden of Emotional Support. They haven't learned that life can be cruel sometimes and if they don't learn to take care of themselves they'll always be victimized. Suck it up, Buttercup and grow a set, even if it's only figuratively.

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