• Did he? Was it the 1st time he was asked or the 267th time?
  • Probably was sick of the question. And sick of the lame inferences.
  • Maybe,because his cover has been blown.
  • When was this? Do you just perceive offense or was he really offended or as the others noted, he's just been asked this question so many freaking times.
  • Beceause anyone that knows anything about him, or spent at least 5 minutes researching would realize that the answer is obvious. With the information so freely available, and given our current state of affairs with regard to much of the middle east, such a question is at the very least rude, and at most hostile, ignorant, and deeply inpersonal.
  • Just because his dad was Muslim and Obama was raised Muslim doesn't make him a Muslim today. Obama has repeatedly said he is a Christian, and people should take his word for it. The actions of someone determines their faith-- and people should stop asking him the same question over and over again. It does become offensive after awhile.
  • - What do god and obama (pbuh) have in common? - god also does not have a birth certificate.
  • Because calling someone a "muslim" has become an insult in this ridiculous era of Islamaphobia that America is going through right now. It's a easy way for ignorant people to insult a black man and still seem like they're being "a good american". When really, I don't give a shit if he's a muslim or not. Last time I checked, this was a free country, and you could be whatever religion you want, even if you're the President.
  • If he indeed did it's probably because he's tired of being asked an ignorant question over and over and over.
  • Know nothing about his reaction, lack of, or context - other than that I'm glad I could respond.
  • He knows if he converted to Islam all the Christians in America will turn against him. So he indirectly is telling that he is not and will not embrace Islam, so he gets the support of the Christians of America
  • Questions may be interpreted as assumptions and assumptions may be considered insulting.
  • If he were a muslim, he wouldn't be listening to that idiot preacher. He may have been one as a child, in which case to admit to conversion would be to invite the Death Penalty from any random Islamic.
  • I wasn't aware that he did. Perhaps because he's not a Muslim and was tired of being asked about it? I think I'd get tired of the question too if it was me.
  • Because he isn't a Muslim,and he has said it so many times. +4
  • His religion was not at issue. What's your religion what's your religion what's your religion whatt's your religion whatt's your religion.....What difference does it make. As pres he has to accept them all.
  • I hadn't heard that he did. Source? But. Let's say that you went in for a job interview, and the interviewer kept asking you if you were a Muslim, over and over and over again. Wouldn't you be a little peeved?
  • because... and I am entitled to MY opinion... he is a f****** terrorist..
  • Because it would have effected his chances of winning the elections, that's what McCain and Palin were aiming at.
  • The point is that Obama does have a Muslim past. The question is how much has he been forthright in telling us about his Muslim heritage and background and does it matter? You be the judge.
  • He knows he isn't fit enough to be one
  • Media is having problem liking muslims these days. That's why.

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