• any, as long as u can keep it in, best bet is with a thong on...the string would help hold it in
  • Sure, my suggestion for the butt plug is to enjoy the fresh air whenever you get the chance to!;-)
  • any with LARGE "heads" *do you know what I mean?) the thinner ones might slip out
  • Get ones more flaired at the bottom than rounded.This flair is the widest part of the butt plug,then goes down in size abrutly so your anal sphincter muscle will close around this narrower part. Now the only part of the butt plug out of your anus is the base which keeps it from going in any further. The flaired part of the butt plug usually will keep the butt plug in until you wish to remove. Properly flaired butt plugs like this usually need a little tug from you to remove. This is from experience of wearing butt plugs regularly for years. I have worn some for many hours a day.
  • Try Doc Johnson's "Classic" and "Red Boy" varieties of butt-plugs. Get something with a soft, flexible shape. Make sure it is still comfortable, even sitting down! Stay away from 'small' sized plugs- they can and will pop out of your butt at the most inopportune times. If you can comfortably wear a medium sized butt-plug, try to use that one for public wear. Also, I highly, highly recommend the "Comfort Plug" (google it). It is vented so your body's gases can pass on through... hence preventing cramping... very useful! A properly sized butt-plug will allow you to walk around and behave normally. Too big of a butt-plug will make you slouch over and cause cramping more often than not. Lastly, if you wanna be plugged all day, make sure you wear a tight thong or pair of panties/briefs. And lube, lube, lube!
  • Mr PantsFellDown
  • This is just disgusting Aug. 17 2017

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