• Lack of sleep the previous night as well as eating too much just before the event. Two things can help with this: 1) Get a full night's sleep meaning you don't use an alarm clock to wake up the next morning 2) If you are used to eating a full meal at night and not eating breakfast, then try reversing that trend. Don't eat or eat something very small, like a single bowl of cereal, then eat a full meal for breakfast. By a full meal, I mean have the same amount of food for breakfast that you do for dinner, but have it before 10AM. You'll find that you won't need to eat again until about 4-5PM and when you do, keep it to something simple and not heavy (cereal, salad, french toast, etc. - no protein). Once you make these changes, you'll find that you won't be sleeping during the day or during events.
  • the room being too warm and severe boredom!
  • lack of sleep, hangover.
  • not enough oxygen for everyone. every one slowly suffocates.
  • eat your fruit
  • Sugar!
  • It may be that you are too tired and your body tells you to go to sleep. Or you may be relaxed and the music or person lulls you to sleep. Or you may be bored and wish to escape through sleep.
  • bored out of your brains or you didn't sleep enough last night
  • Boredom I would say. I was at a NOFX concert last January and I literally saw some guy sleeping, while the music was blaring so loudly it could wake up the whole city. I guess if someone is that tired they would end up doing anything.
  • Sugar crash, eating a meal right before, lack of good sleep, incredibly boring mono-tone lecturer
  • maybe not getting enough sleep, or you could have a medical problem, maybe you should go see your doctor about it

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