• most culture say it's an apple.
  • I expect it was a pomegranate. because when you cut it in half it sorta looks like brains. Or is that pecans?
  • Most say it was an apple,but who knows.
  • I always thought it was a pomegranate, or was it a quince? One of those two.
  • I honestly don't know. For me, the bigger question is why Jehovah lied when he said they would die if they ate it. According to the story, they didn't die, but were expelled from paradise. Doesn't that seem to indicate a deceitful god?
  • brains, or rather intellegence...........
  • I think the Genesis story is fictional, but the authors probably were referring to grapes or dates, as those were native to the region in which the Bible was mostly penned and where the Garden of Eden was assumed to be. Welcome back, Demons Lexicon, by the way. Glad to see you again.
  • Some say cannabis had an episode on CSI about it. We will know when we die.
  • It was a DMT containing plant.
  • If one knows agriculture and a little history, one would know that the fruit is a fig. The most abundant fruit in the middle east.
  • Marijuana. At least this was my opinion when I tried it once or twice as a teen-ager. Probably other drugs make you feel the same false sense of omniscience. Scary!
  • I was taught it was an apple but I never think about it so...
  • Pomegranate. And I've eaten them. So not worth it.
  • The tree of knowledge is as allegorical as the fruit it gives.The tree of knowledge exists in the garden of Eden which is in heaven and the kingdom of heaven is within us.When we break and eat the fruit is to reason about the validity of existence and the reason for being here!When doubt enters the mind about your own divinity then we move away from it by delusion, then the process of birth and death happens.
  • A metaphor for presuming to make up your own laws as to what was good and not good for you, as opposed to taking God's word (and Law) for it. It's all an analog and warning not to monkey around with the Torah... AND not to disregard it but to always do what it says and live as it says to live.
  • I always wondered why the tree was put in the garden in the first place? ! ? !
  • Coconuts
  • Windows operating system. Certain death!
  • Pomegranate but this is a duplicate answer. I use to really enjoy their tartness as a kid but no more. I believe the "pucker" look is out at present!
  • Bacon. Hey, if God wants bacon on the tree, he'll have bacon on the damned tree. THAT's why Pork isn't kosher, y'know. ^_^
  • pomegranates...
  • The earliest Near Eastern traditions have it being a Peach or a Pomegranate. ... But the best one I've ever heard is ... "It wasn't the apple on the tree ... but the pear [pair] on the ground!"
  • I've wondered that too!! Seeing as the world was shattered by the "sin bomb" that went off in the garden when man turned from Creator, and seeing as what we see now is only a glimmer of the world God originally designed for us and will once again restore and return us to--I'd say we can't even imagine what the food of Paradise is like. "...You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing. Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." (Psalm 23:5-6) Recommended resource: "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn
  • an apple
  • Apple, orange, does not matter... its all about obedience...Do it...don't do it. We have our free will to choose... Cross the road without looking...or look first...and save yourself... The outcomes are different...

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