• Tell us something we DON'T already know. I don't care what it is, but we already know you are simple (straight forward) and like sex.
  • Too much of the negative and not nearly enough of the good
  • why do they stop being affactionate as soon as they get married, and then complain when the woman they are not affection toward stops having sex with them?
  • Why is it so hard for a man to admit that he is at fault? When there's a situation when both the man and the woman are at fault in a fight why can the man never say "we both were at fault"... they always say "well you did..." or "you started yelling at me and..." I don't understand
  • Why are men so shy and sensitive? Why are they so afraid to ask a woman our or get her phone number? Why do men cat call women in the street and get angry when they don't respond! Why are men so tired to do housework but are tireless when it comes to sex? Men are really good listeners, how do they develop this? Just a few questions of mine!
  • Why are men so sensitive and why do they try to pretend their not jealous when they are. Why do you blatantly look me up and down. What do you think about when you stare at my a** for an 5 minutes without blinking.
  • Why do men act like mega babies when they have the sniffles, but when women are very sick they are expected to cook, keep the house clean, and work!?
  • Were human?;-)(nice a$$ by the way)
  • I want to know how men can have such a bad name in society (let's face it, they do) when all the men I have ever met (with very few exceptions, and those were little boys) have been nothing but respectful (even more so than women, and I am one) and treated me as an equal? Does no one else have this experience? People are always saying all they think about is sex bla bla bla but doesn't everyone think about sex? Come on now.
  • Will a man try and get a girl he likes right away? or does he wait and see?

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