• Katrina/New Orleans Palm Sunday Tornadoes in Indiana The Tsunami a few years ago Earthquake in CA during a baseball game and more.
  • Boxing Day tsunami Cyclone Tracy Newcastle Earthquake West Gate bridge collapse Liberal Government (hahahaah) Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohen and Amy Winehouse (and that one's not a joke!) Burnley Tunnel Fire Black Saturday Bushfires.... (yeah these are mostly "local" but that's where I live - locally!)
  • the fires in NSW in Australia this summer just gone................:(
  • The loss of the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia. The bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City. The first bombing of the World trade Center. The destruction of the Marine barracks in Beirut. Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. The cancellation of "Firefly." OK, maybe that last one wasn't newsworthy, but I still consider it to be disastrous.
  • December 12, 2000 - The Supreme Court decides to halt recounts in Florida, essentially handing the presidential election to George W. Bush. November 2, 2004 - GWB is "reelected"
  • The first atom bomb is dropped President Kennedy is assassinated Marilyn Monroe commits suicide Apollo fire kills astronauts The Challenger Space Shuttle explodes Huge fire devastates Yellowstone National Park Giant tsunami kills thousands worst heat ever kills hundreds in Chicago
  • OKC bombing. World Trade Center bombing. Waco, Texas. Helter Skelter/Chuch Manson. Bu$h's elections.
  • Princess Diana's death :(
  • Coup d'etat in Turkey in September 1980 Attack on the Pope in Italy in May 1981 Gulf War in the Persian Gulf in August 1990 Earthquake in Turkey on August 1999 Bush ellection in 2000 Twin Towers attackt in NYC in Spetmber 2009 The War in Afganistan started in October 2001 Sars virus in East Asia in November 2002 Heatwave in Europe in August 2003 Blackout in NYC in August 2003 Synagogue attackt in Istanbul in November 2003 Bird Flu in 2003 Bush's reellection in 2004 Madrid train bombing in March 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004 London underground bombing in July 2005Hurricane Katrina Tornado in August 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan in October 2005 Bird Flu in Turkey in January 2006 Wild fire in San Diego in October 2007 Earthquake in China in August 2008 Global financial crisis from 2008 to 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Australia in Febuary 2009 Swine influenza virus in South America in March 2009 KLM plane crash on Atlantic in June 2009
  • HBO cancelling the 3rd series of Rome.
  • The fall of the Berlin wall. It wasn't a disaster but it was a newsworthy event.
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Katrina Tornado,London underground bombing, princess Diana's death :( x
  • Mount St. Helen's erupted Hurricane Andrew Hurricane Katrina Ice Storm 1998
  • Assassination of JFK
  • President Kennedy is assassinated is probably the main one that sticks out in my mind.

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