• Nothing. Everything is dynamic, everything changes nothing, absolutely nothing stays the same. Over time, things change. But I take every opportunity I can, when I can.
  • Start anew, explore other possibilities, maybe a change of scenery, job, occupation, but most importantly of attitude.
  • You must do two things. First, determine if you EVER had purpose and direction. Second, ascertain as to what caused you to no longer have purpose and direction and undo or negate it. If you NEVER had purpose and direction, then identify what makes you most happy and most fullfilled and embark on a quest for that activity or function. Purpose and direction will fall into place once you start moving! All journeys start with the first step and your destiny can sometimes be found on the road you took to avoid it :-)
  • It doesn't and I'm on Answerbag. Go figure.
  • Find somebody to help. There are SO MANY unmet needs and unfulfilled wishes in this world that a person can spend a lifetime making a difference. . . .
  • I go streaking in a crowded shopping area wearing a cape, a bow-tie and a large sock over my privates.
  • Well I dont think it is easy to RE-gain purpose that has been lost, well not for everybody.
  • find something, no matter how small it is and go up; stepping over cracks on the sidewalk could lead to sweeping them, then franchising a crackless sidewalk business, I know you have to have cracks in the sidewalk, its just a loose illistration. whatever interests you, conversations with people anywhere can lead to interests in what there into. I became interested in politics out of nesesity through stocks.
  • Uhm... There's always a purpose.. you may not know it.. but find it... just start doing things you really enjoy and you will find your way through...
  • I-N-T-R-O-S-P-E-C-T-I-O-N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get a clue and move onto doing something more productive.
  • Volunteer. Serving others is the best way to bring purpose and fulfilment into your life and get your thoughts off of yourself.
  • To remember that I am enough just being alive. Another time to volunteer helping others in need. Another time going for a long hike with only $5 in my pocket. (the immediate needs grounded me, and reminded me that the life I call me is connected to the larger life. Our materially based egocentric value system is way off center.
  • Life is about discovering what everything is. Good parents or a school system NOT designed by republicans should tell you what's what honestly, right at the start, so that life can be encountered successfully, and with the least ills unnecessarily produced. But if they did that, then they wouldnt be able to fill your head with lies for you to parrot instead, to get away with taking all your marbles. So you stumble along making guesses, parroting others, getting tricked. ....By 50 or 60 you'll have finished figuring out what all things are about though. And if what you see life really is is a field full of piles of shit, you are smart. Congratulations, but so what. because you will feel useless and depressed at real reality. If you see those same piles of shit though, but each reminds you of yet another fictional story you decided to "BELIEVE" was real, then you are stupid, but will probably go to your grave happy in the comfort of your insane thoughts. But in the end all really is shit, and we're just moss on a rock, so you could drive your car into a bridge abutment really and so? OR perhaps you'd find interest in being part of the fictional game all the dumb dumbs are playing. Oh well, but bear in mind, whatever you do will be forgotten, as if you never lived. NOTHING MATTERS.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      So your question is WHY DID YOU "LOSE INTEREST"? Did you turn 60 and nothing is a mystery anymore? Well, if that's it, sorry, because that really was all there was then. Or did you "lose interest" because you foolishly went to AA and gave up getting smashed? OR...did your partner die or leave you? or..? Or..? You know, you could just get a pet and a TV. No need to Kevorkian yourself, you'll die anyway. So just find a laugh each day if you can. Some hedonism. Get a pet, so at least something cares you're there. And that's it. NO religion. NO charity (fuck helping people. What would you want to do that for? Did people help you? NO!!! THEY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF YOU, ABANDONED YOU. PEOPLE don't deserve any help!! Selfish rotten lazy lying DUMB sobs!) So just find some hedonistic pleasure till you then die. That's life. That's all it was. .....Maybe you should make a bucket list. Maybe think of something you'd like to do before you evaporate.
  • Try something different. As what you're doing is obviously not working,.

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