• I haven't had one on in 20 years. It doesn't fit me anymore I just never got it fixed, My wife doesn't care.
  • Of course not. It's totally optional. Neither has to wear a ring if they aren't comfortable wearing them, or if they prefer not to be branded, so to speak.
  • no nothing is written in stone that says "You have to wear one"....If you are married why not just wear it. Im sure it will mean alot to your woman. Do you not want to wear one so you can look single? If thats the case dude, you might want to rethink your options...
  • My wife and I don't wear rings at all. We don't actually need to be reminded that we're married on those rare occasions when we might have a tiny bit of physical distance between us.
  • If his a__ is married, he had better be wearing a ring. This is a statement from my wife.
  • No, it's totally up to him. I don't wear one. Never saw the point in it.
  • I don't wear one because I used to work in clay and wet sand spinning at 200rpm will eat gold for lunch.
  • Only if he feels like it.
  • Don't bother. It's a short lived tradition whose time has come and gone.
  • It really doesn't matter whether you wear your wedding ring or not, as long as you don't tell other women that you are still single.:) +4
  • I can not wear one at work. So I do not wear it.
  • It's not MANdatory ☺. A wedding ring is only a symbol of being married. It sends a message. Of course, if the man decides not to wear it--that sends another message.
  • yes around his throat
  • Nope. You need ot take into consideration your beliefs, your spouses beliefs, and the physical restrictions you may have for any given job at hand. For example, I wear mine all the time, except when I'm working on energized equipment or doing something where snagging the ring may de-glove my ring finger (take all the skin off the bone), or amputate the finger entirely.
  • No one can force him.
  • No one should feel obligated to wear one. I am a female and during my twenty-five year marriage I almost never wore a ring. I used to joke that I was allergic too it but the truth is I just didn't find any ring comfortable. When I did attempt to wear one I would take it off when working, doing dishes etc. and leave it in odd places. More than once I found it on the floor, in the washing machine or in my jeans pocket after thinking it was lost. Eventually my husband realized I was just not the ring type. Some of us just aren't.
  • I don't & my wife doesn't care.
  • It's only a symbolic item to symbolize fidelity and has nothing to do with whether you love someone or not.. My ex and myself were together 22+ yrs and neither of us wore a ring mainly because she's allergic to metal. I wouldn't because I gain and lose weight so rapidly that they tend to fall off me when i get busy.
  • No, it's just a nice way to SHOW your promise to love your wife.
  • Nope. It is a materialist item and what really should count is if the husband loves the wife. =]

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