• because.
  • Because I hate rules... And grammar for that matter.
  • Because it would be pointless and tedious to start every answer with half of the question when the answering of the question already implies that part, eg. "Some people over here who profess a lot on grammar start some of their sentences with a "because" because it would be pointless and tedious to start every answer with half of the question when the answering of the question already implies that part".
  • English must be foreign language to them. Starting a sentence with 'because' must be quite acceptable in their native languages. Trouble is most people form sentences in their native tongues and then translate that into English. This way even people who have learned English grammar properly make mistakes. The trick is to think in the language you are using at the moment. This way fewer mistakes are made. When I was in school, teachers of 2nd and 3rd languages used to teach us how to think in different languages. Foreign language teachers are not taking this aspect of thought and speech seriously these days, I must conclude.
  • Because they likely are well aware of the rules and are intentionally breaking them in order to reply in a conversational tone. I break grammar rules all of the time and usually ignore grammatical errors except for people who choose to make attacks on my intelligence that are full of grammatical errors that clearly show that they simply do not understand the difference. There is not a day that goes by where some ass doesn't say something along the lines of "your (insult insult of choice here)" repeatedly and then confirm they really don't know the difference between "your" AND "you're" or grammar in general by throwing in a bunch of similar errors.
  • Don't forget "And" Your not supposed to start a sentence with "And" or "Because". People do it all the time. People don't care up here though. I think they feel they really don't need to impress anyone here with their grammer and punctuation. After all, we aren't applying for jobs. There is so significant need to speak professional on this site.
  • 'Cause there hipocrits? Or just being informall. I don't profess much on grammer, its speling thats my Betty Nore. Kudos on verbing profess. I confess, I ain't heard that since I stowed away on Noah's cruise. He almost threw me overboard when he caught me, then he realized I was a pair. I was beside myself with chagrin upon being caught.
  • Well I guess if you talk the talk then you should walk the walk. Let me just state for the record that I know I am crap at grammar:0)
  • There are those who love to find faults and there are those who learn to live with it.We find all sorts of people here.This world is a proper mix of all such type.We can only correct ourselves so that we become perfect.The rest can just be who they are,bitchy,sarcastic,acidic,grammarian,professors or whatever.Believe in your own self since you are the best that there is and let the rest take a walk!
  • Because they don't know better?
  • It might be some overrated past glory and a sense of pleasure in correcting others.Some do it for attention and to prove their superiority for no reasons whatsoever. . Sometimes people are ought to slip due to a hurry and carelessness.That doesn't mean that they are "underdogs" or "minnows" when it comes to grammar and structure. . Pointing flaws for sarcasm or for fun once in a while is quite acceptable but,I've seen some people over here who find flaw in each and every statement with every other user.That becomes quite a pain in a** when we are here to understand one another and help one another. . English is not a rigid language and I guess no other language on the surface of this earth is, not even the programming languages.English has got wide range of dialects and variants.I find it really silly when people who are not used to a particular form of English,term it as wrong.Is it because,they use a different one? . Finally I'd say,communication is just for understanding what others are saying.If you are a little high on I.Q,you can get others easily no matter how they express themselves.Your help is not worthy as long as someone doesn't need it.
  • The people who correct someone's grammatical errors and do not take the same caution in their writing only do it to make it seem as if they are intellectually superior to the other person. However, keep in mind that even though a sentence begins with the word "because", it is not incorrect. Teachers say this to children so they learn to write in complete sentences. Because people do not understand the rules of grammar, they often make this mistake. Change the order of the clauses to prove that it is a complete sentence. People often make this mistake because they do not understand the rules of grammar.
  • They must be lying... on yo mamma.... hahahahahahahahahahahahahah I just learned that and added it to my "gansta" reportwa....or is it be too ersty n-airy thang....;+
  • Because, because.
  • Just to save time...Hey, there are thousands of questions here waiting to be answered. Get cracking! +4
  • Because they are answering questions conversationally rather than formally. It would be strange to repeat the question before adding an answer.

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