• Most proper: Mrs. (husbands first and last name) Most used: Mrs. (her 1st and last name)
  • MRS M, JONES or some people actually give the husbands initial, instead of the womans.
  • It depends on who you're writing to. Usually, if a woman has changed her name, she is comfortable with being called Mrs. Husband's name. However, more modernly, particularly with younger couples women prefer to keep their maiden name and they should be addressed Ms. Maiden name. If you are writing to the couple, for a more "traditional" couple you could use Mr. and Mrs. Husband's name. For a more "new age" couple Ms. Maiden name and Mr. Husband name (or vice versa)
  • Adressing a woman by her husbands name is just old school...would not like that at all! Although my grandma at 78 would have it no other way.
  • For people under 50, most prefer Mrs. Suzie Smith. Older people - usually much older than 50, say 70 and up prefer Mrs. John Smith.

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