• I used to work in one:) +
  • Both see's candy in California and Hershy park in PA
  • Nope, but it would be cool too I think. I love how you make it shows and I love chocolate. :)
  • Hersey Pa. Home of Hersey's chocolate.
  • They won't let me visit, they're afraid I'll never leave yo...
  • Not yet, but I am planning on seeing Hersheys.
  • No. But, I've worked in a candy store, using chocolate to make candies (like truffles, soft centers, and other yummy treats)
  • Yes I have been to Hersey Park it is a great place.
  • Yes, I've been through the Wilbur Chocolate factory. Hershey park had a sort of a ride through the production of chocolate when I was a kid. It wasn't the actual plant, but it was a series of dioramas from the plantations where they grew the beans to the factory.
  • Yes - in the summer of 1979, I went to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, and visited the chocolate factory (I was not a kid; I was already 23 years old then!). Wow! The aroma in that place was totally intoxicating. How people in there could hope to maintain their weight, is beyond me - but then, workers there might actually be sick of chocolate - isn't that a hard concept to even fathom???!!!...As for me, I eat only very dark chocolate now - 86% or higher cacao content - it's good for you and you get used to it - not so sweet - I can never eat milk chocolate again and enjoy it, now that dark chocolate is a 'staple' of my 'treat list'!! - which is good. Chocolate lovers unite!!!!
  • Yes, I actually worked on one for a day. It was a part of a project at school, to visit a production plant and describe it. I've chosen a confectionery plant. Can't say I enjoyed it much, cause I'm not a chocolate fan, smell was way too sweet and followed me for a couple of days after.
  • No, but I would like to. I'll keep searching for a golden ticket.
  • Hersey PA. Ya can smell that place for miles.
  • Yes, there is a really classy, nice one in my hometown.
  • Yep...BANNED FOR LIFE!!! Can you believe they had the nerve to say I was a danger to myself and others? Why? Was it my fault that the chocolate made me that hyper? The police even said it wasn't my fault. There are no warning signs...LOL!!! Well, there might be now...HA!
  • well, there is a small Store where i grew up that was called "The Chocolate Factory" and its still there. i doubt they made everything they sold, but they did make some stuff there. Nothing like being surrounded by Chocolate of all kinds - White Chocolate Dark Chocolate hmm i seem to have a limited Chocolate vocabulary lol but anyway the whole place was Rich with chocolatey aroma, similiar to a Coffee Shop.

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