• hey u keep asking questions like that, and your outta here lol. jk. havent noticed that kinda stuff going on.
  • Who knows,it probably depends on what that person did.
  • I'm sorry you were witness to that. That is pretty ugly behavior! I have seen very little of this. Maybe it's the categories you're interested in, or the people who might share the same interests as you when it comes to answering questions. Either way, it sucks. Trying to get someone kicked off here instead of just ignoring them is just plain mean spirited :( +5
  • Yes, I have been experiencing this (personally) over the past few months, I guess because there are some control freaks on here. I would like to name the bigots but choose to ignore. :)
  • well I have not seen any of this going on ... what I have seen and been apart of is taking down Trolls and or Racist f*ckwits who post outrageous question with the sole intent on shit stirring and being as offensive as they can be and on AB this has never been accepted and never will be
  • Similar bullyings happen in real life often - when someone retaliates, the one who retaliates gets in trouble simply because "two wrongs don't make a right." Then the bullies laugh about it. Life can get so unfair. But I haven't seen that on Answerbag lately. Could someone show me a question and/or answer where this is taking place?
  • THat's not just here... There is an old expression. *And Dio song too. "The Mob Rules." It follows the same premise that states if enough women are led to believe that Tide is the greatest laundry detergent... then it becomes true. Even if the $1.99 brand is better and cheaper. I have always taught my children... Bullies are best respected but never bowed to. Don't play and you don't pay!
  • It's actually not a new thing at all. I've seen it from the time I got here over two years ago. It's a mean game that goes on and the best way to beat it is not to take the bait and refuse to play.
  • Those people have no lives and nothing better to do with all the extra time on their hands.
  • Not new Major L. There have always been Cabals here. Secret groups that band together to do harm. Not new..just maybe resurgent. It happens. Why? I have no idea. But it happens. Maybe to jin up the experience. Maybe to feel powerful and important or of value? I don't know. It happens. If you can document the stuff use feedback and report to AB staff. They are always up to their eyebrows in crap like this but report it nevertheless. Maybe it will do some good. :(
  • i hadn seen that and hope not too. ;D +5
  • I haven't seen either of those things happen, but i will take your word on it.
  • +5. I am not aware, can you go into any details ?
  • it's definitely not a new thing here. But remember that it's impossible to get kicked off if you ignore bullies and stay respectful of everyone, keep to the rules here. If someone is hurting others or bullying them, instead of retaliating like some tend to do, or sticking up for one's friends, the best thing to do is to report it and get it stopped as soon as it rears it's ugly head. What often happens when there is gang warfare, is many people get placed in the penalty box, even those just trying to be a good friend. And when you talk to them about it afterwards, they'll say they didn't want to squeal or tell on others. Well, you ignore that tool you have, and it will come back to bite you and usually you will get what's coming to you and more.
  • I don't think that is exactly what is happening. I think some people in life and AB have a certain way with words which basically offend people. Then there are some people who flat out intentionally get nasty. Either way, many people won't stand for a few bad apples ruining the whole bunch. So those users usually get booted because someone high up was alerted and thought they have crossed the line one too many times. I, for one, have only reported one person that used my hometown as a way to negatively stereotype me just to hurt me. We all have different opinions so respect becomes important in keeping things civil. I spend a lot of time in the political categories on AB and have yet to have any of my questions/answers flagged (that I know of). So I think if you keep it respectful and leave your bigotry at home, people will allow you to exercise your First Amendment rights peacefully...

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