• If you have five roommates, sure...
  • I highly doubt it unless it's a complete dump.
  • If you have ten roommates and each have three part-time minimum wage jobs.
  • Probably not, but it depends on the cost of living in the area where you live and the quality/size of the apartment. Part-time though, you'll probably need at least one roommate.
  • Rent, phone, electricity, water and food? Just the basics? That would have to be a very nice part-time job!
  • yes you can... if you can get into the apartment, and pay the security deposit... once you are actually LIVING IN THE APARTMENT, moved in, you can afford the rent on a minimum wage, part time job. all you need is a check that is more than $130 a week. that will cover your rent and cell phone. and if you have a part time job that is in the food industry, you will score free food at work, therefore never need groceries. and if you have all the clothes you need already, and all the shoes you need, you will be good to go. hit up the dollar store once a month with a $20 bill, and buy a tube of tooth paste and tooth brush...this will last you 3-6 months. get a bulk order of paper towels and you can use this to clean things as well as for toilet paper and to write notes on... if you want luxuries like cable tv, then you need to make closer to $200 a week. but honestly, so many cable shows have moved to basic cable, so really, if you already have a tv, just buy an antenna and you won't miss cable at all. and if you want a home phone, you need to make closer to $250 a week. and if you want a car, you will not be able to make rent and own a need to get an apartment on a busline, because to have a car and an apartment, you need to make at least $400 a week.actually, i'd say closer to $500 a week.which you will not be making at a part time job unless they pay you more than minimum wage.
  • Rent in Santa Cruz California, for a studio is about $800 monthly. starting wage is only $7.25 per hour. At 30 hours a week it is possible, but you would have to live in the dark, walk everywhere, starve, and watch your friends have fun while you mooch. Buying a house here is now only for those few that can afford a $2500 monthly house payment on a $500,000 home. The average 2 bedroom house in this area is only $700,000. (I think I'll buy 2)
  • Yes, it is possible. Have you ever heard of subsidized housing? The rent will never be more than a third of your income.
  • If you have 3 part-time jobs paying minimum wage totalling about 80 hours a week, you MIGHT be able to rent a dump.
  • I believe Yes, Most of the youngsters doing Part-time Job along with a study. That way he can manage rent expenses and personal life + study expenses. for Apartment to rent real estate agent or professional can sort out best apartment.

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