• If it's someone close to you, tell them you'll ignore them until they stop. And do it.
  • I think it depends on the situation. If they do it all the time, no matter what the circumstances or the company, then it's a problem. If they do it on their own time or around people they feel comfortable around, well ... there are bigger things in life to worry about. A friend of mine had a similar problem with her sister, who swore like an absolute trooper in every single sentence. And I don't mean tame swear words, I'm talking the Big Three - F, S and C. She tape recorded and video taped her sister for a week, then played the recordings back to her. She was shocked and really embarrassed by how terrible she sounded and she made a really big effort to clean up her mouth. Maybe you could try that?
  • I would just have to be up front and tell them that when they use such words so much I lose interest in listening to them. I would say you deserve respect and people should listen because you have the ability to say some great things but honestly when the swear words come flying out I have trained my mind to think of cartoon theme music.
  • a shock coller
  • Well; you simply distance yourself from them ... When they begin to notice and ask why you've not called or been around for awhile ; tell them the TRUTH ... It is simply amazing what telling the TRUTH can do for a relationship of any kind ; including a FRIENDSHIP ....
  • Just simply ask them to not use those words around you. If they are a good friend I would think they would respect that. +5
  • Nothing since a resent study concluded that most vulgarity comes from a mild form of turents syndrome and males suffer it more than females the fact is that IF a person is using ALOT of vulgarity they may not be able to control it, to understand it better shoot yourself in the foot or hit your thumb with a hammer real hard and do it every few minutes then you may get a glimpse of what some deal with every day ... it's NOT a refection of character it's a condition of mind that few have control over and NO it's NOT Demon Poccession and need to have the skin flailed from there bodies to get them to quit ... ~Nemo~
  • I simply tell them it's a sign of ignorance and it makes them think about it. Whether it works or not shows how intelligent that person is. I have known people that got out of that habit
  • How old is this person and does he/she lack a good vocabulary? What about temper? If you combine a lack of a good vocabulary with a temper then I think it's going to be impossible to change, especially if the person is an adult. This kind of response is wired into the brain and re-wiring isn't that easy in old houses or old people. :)
  • Unfortunately it is a matter of education, if it is someone close to you tell the person not to speak to you unless he/she stops talking like a sailor, but do it. . If it is someone not related avoid the person, I understand how annoying it is to listen to vulgarities I have lost possible future friends because of this. . Regards.
  • Sign them up for an English class to learn how to express themselves. Reading the dictionary is another good way to increase your vocabulary.
  • have them put one dollar in a jar every time they curse
  • Poppin a cap in their ass.
  • It depends upon the relationship. If it's a romantic relationship, ask them if they want to continue the relationship because if they do then you won't tolerate that language. If it's your child, washing the mouth out with soap is a pretty good deterent. If it's someone other than that, it's not really your business, is it?
  • i found when i divorced mine the problem was solved.
  • just ask them kindly to stop becuz u don't like it.. some ppl just don't think it's that bad so if u tell them they can reflect on themselves and if they cared for u or about themselves they would try and stop.
  • I've cured MANY people of vulger language by simply saying, " Watch your language." every time they'd use prophanity. It may annoy them but if you do it every time then they will begin to become self aware of thier speach and eventually quit. Everyone I've done that for has thanked me once they were broken of the habbit.
  • Murder or works 100% of the time.
  • Explain to them that excessive use of vulgar language to express anger is a sign of ignorance and illiteracy. Though, ironically, if they're ignorant and illiterate, that explanation is unlikely to change their behavior.

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