• Not at all :)
  • Tattoos don't make any difference to me...I have a few myself!
  • I have no impression. Its all a matter of Choice.
  • I used to have a negative impression. Then a couple of years ago the apartment we were living in was due for painting. A guy named Bill came over to do the job. His arms were covered with tattoos..a couple on his neck as well. Within two days we were on hugging terms....we share the same tastes in literature and music, although he was young enough to be my son. A really sweet, nice, great person. Now I just think tattoos are beautiful no matter who is wearing them. He made me prejudiced I guess, in a good way. :)
  • Negative. Because, i know one day they are going to regret tattooing their bodies. its just a fad. One day, when tattooed peoples skin because old and saggy, their tattoo of "I love Bob", will turn into "I love Boobs".
  • Negative. . . . . . . . . .and my youngest brother had them.
  • Hmm i have terrible double standards with this one... I find tattoo's on women to be a HUGE turnoff. but i myself have a small tattoo.. so im kind of a hypocrite
  • Depends what the tattoos are.
  • negative,they look awlful on male and female,,,more so on females,,,,,
  • Negative. I think tattoo art ranges from mediocre to awful. Some idiots have obviously tried to do their own, others were likely done by their "roommates" in prison, those are the worst.
  • Does not bother me if you do or you don't. I have many. The only difference between tattooed people and non tattooed people is that tattooed people don't care if you are tattooed or not.
  • It depends. When I see very young people with full sleeves, I want to shake them and scream "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" Because, what kind of job can you get with two arms full of visible tattoos - especially in Florida, where short sleeves are the norm in a business setting AND the grocery store?? Tattoos, when placed so that they are easily hidden by business-appropriate attire, can be great works of art, and personally meaningful - and that's a beautiful thing. Getting stupid fad-ish tattoos at a young age without thinking of the future consequences, not so much.
  • Wife and i had dinner the other night at a small town restaurant. the waitress came to our table to take our order. she was decked out with tattoos all over her body and metal hanging down from many parts of her body. What was my first impression? To get up and leave. the waitress, because of her tattoos, appeared to give the restaurant and the food, a very bad impression. i guess its because some people associate tattoos with motorcycle gangs and convicts. Tattoos are a personal choice and thats okay. i do believe that tattooed waitresses and cooks give a good restaurant a bad impression. Its not the restaurant, its not the food, its not the workers, its the tattoos. Is this a stigma???
  • I'm neutral about tattoos.
  • It shouldn't really matter whether someone is tattooed or not should it?? But in reality I expect it does give a negative image in some employment situations especially where trust and/or professionalism are involved [unless of course you're looking for a trustworthy, professional tatooist lol]. In personal relationships however, every person has the right to make up their own mind about tattoo's. I have three [all in easy to hide places] and people are amazed when they find out that I have them as I am not your run-of-the-mill tattooed person. I agree with the person who said that massive visible tats are scary on the very young ~ such a life changing decision made with very little life experience. I was 40 when I got my first so kind of knew what I was getting into by then. Good question. CC x
  • Depends. I really think its a bad idea to get them all over your body or even if its just one....if its on the neck or someplace that cannot be easily hidden than I think its a bad idea. I have two. One on my ankle and one on my upper arm. Both easily hidden without having to wear a sweater or turtle neck when I interview for a job. I have seen young people with them on their necks, fingers, hands lower arms, even on the face. I think how hard they have made it for themselves in the future.
  • I have to admit, since you asked, negative. I just could never see the logic of placing something, which is largely permanent, on your body.
  • Tattoos are invariably ugly. The best you can hope for is that they're too small to be seen much.
  • i have posotive impression simply for the fact that when you get a tat it should usually mean something or be symbolic of something you care about and people showing tats for everyone to see is more like sharing their feelings
  • I think tattoos are ok, but only if it's something that looks good. Not something stupid and dumb or something that covers the whole body, now those are stupid tattoos.
  • I think tattos are awesome but alot of people think if you have a tattoo then youre some sort of rebel
  • While I have six tattoos myself, I don't like them on women.
  • I like a couple on people but, too many looks like a mess.
  • Positive. I dont judge people who want to creatively show what they're about on their body I think it's pretty cool and shows a lot about their personal taste. But: I dont judge people without them either, once again its personal taste.
  • Certainly depends on the type of tattoo the person has on his body and the parts where he got it! lol

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