• By non-christians, I assume you mean Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Jews. If you mean atheists, it should be self evident. If you mean the religions mentioned above they either believe in an after-life or reincarnation. If you are just asking to start a conversation, good luck. You will either be anonymously down graded or the wing nuts will answer and probably down grade you too. So here are my +4 and good luck to you.
  • They parrot everything they're told to think. Fux News Programming.
  • Many Christians do not believe in an after life. They just have faith, Jesus will be there waiting for them. There is so little information about the after life. What there is, is one of a million different views of what the afterlife is all about.
  • Well that is obvious :) my view of afterlife is 100.00% tied up with my view of God. So if anyone did not believe in a God I don't understand why or how they could believe in an afterlife.
  • I am christian, and I have not heard of this. I don't know what others believe because I am not them so why would anyone assume what others believe, only the believer knows what they themselves believe? Sorry if I don't make sense :)
  • But most importantly, who cares what those whack jobs think?
  • I assume athiests don't believe in an afterlife because they don't believe in the existance of a higher power. How would an athiest explain an afterlife? Those who don't follow organized religion aren't necessarily athiests, so I would assume most of them DO believe in some sort of afterlife.
  • Many Christians tend to automatically assume a lot of things that are wrong!
  • Why should an atheist believe in an afterlife?
  • What I feel I need to emphasize is that a Christian SHOULD believe completely on an afterlife. To be a Christian, that doesn't mean you just believe in God. It means that you believe in Jesus Christ. He has taken on the responsibility of saving us from our sins. I myself have recently been cleaned new. I had a problem of looking at naked female bodies online, which is WRONG. It makes them objects which they are far from. I was not able to break the habit on my own. It took pure faith in God and Jesus Christ to make it possible. I handed over the problem to both of them and knew that the problem was not mine, Jesus had already saved me from it. I pray for the women that put themselves in those situations now. I have seen people make a complete 180 in their life from Christianity. It heals, it purifies, it makes new. God Is Good! And as for organized religion... That is how you make your faith stronger! Going to church and being apart of that family is how you make your faith GROW. Going and worshipping is such a refreshing feeling. It takes time to let the sins let go and the spirit take over but IT CAN HAPPEN. As for atheists, they might believe in some kind of afterlife BUT they do not have the ability to believe in the great re-uniting of Jesus and God without living a life that glorifies there name! God Bless.
  • Im a christan and i dont think that, some ppl might have there own ideas of God the atherlife and I think everyone has the right to say there ideas. I'm a christan but i dont belive in everything in the bible, I do have some of my own ideas of whats happens. E.G I think the end of the world will be zombies :P
  • i am a christian, meaning i BELIEVE in the SAVIOR....i do not follow any organization....but i assume nothing of others...i BELIEVE what the BIBLE tells ME...and don't worry or assume of religious sects or non religious.... why do u assume , that ALL assume as u do?
  • Because SOME of them are very closed minded individuals and believe in the prophecy of 'my way or the highway'.

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