• Only advice is respect the locals and their ideals. Be polite and you won't go wrong. Just love it. Have a great time.
  • Dont get really drunk or carry lots of cash around! Or bring many valuables with you on holidays. And have FUN :D
  • Careful after dark. I once walked down a lonely street at ten in Bangkok - a guy leaped out of a phone booth and grabbed my chest. So terrifying. Nobody was around - it could have turned out so bad.
  • OK, you are going to NY City. Some advice I found helpful, if only for my peace of mind. 1. Have 2 wallets. Your real one should be in a money belt. The dummy wallet should have some old/defunct credit cards/id cards, maybe $20 cash. That way if you are robbed, you hopefully won't lose anything important. 2. Look up the weather report a week or so before you go, that way you can pack better. 3. make sure the shoes you wear to the airport come off easily, you will have to remove them in the U.S. 4. I recommend looking up tours of the city, that way you can be with other tourists and see a lot of the major attractions. 5. Remember that smoking in NYC is prohibited in ALL public areas including restaurants, taxis, and bars. Some good websites to look at: Have Fun!
  • see the movie, get grabbed at airports by trusting strangers they meet there to help them find a cab. and eightteen is still a kid. save your money, dont leave the usa.
  • -use a money belt and carry small change. -leave your contact info with friends/relatives. -wear comfortable shoes!!! -take advantage of events posted in the local newspaper...many are free :) -walk near shops/businesses (so you can see the reflection of those behind you/next to you and see if anyone is being too close to your belongings) -always carry your own bag with your i.d., even if you go to the restroom, take your bag with you! you don't want to return to find them not there...even for a moment! -embrace the local culture and visit an art museum and a local market -don't worry about getting lost as long as you have your camera, common sense and a good spirit! -always take the address of your hotel/hostel with you at all times...grab a matchstick box with the address or the hotel stationary before you leave -carry a working pen and paper with you at all times -have fun!!! :)

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